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Christmas Miracle

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It happened on December 23. Crowds battled the cold and each other for last minute gifts. I noticed a woman on the sidewalk. She wore a greasy Notre Dame sweatshirt. She was holding an empty can. However, she remained happy, smiled at everyone who …


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Helene slipped into a silk dressing gown . . .


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He walks to the middle of the street and sits down, crosses his legs. The war is three years old. He is calm and patient. Soldiers watch him closely. They are afraid. His robe intimidates them. A crowd gathers. The man pulls out a book, opens it. His…

Silent Summer

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It's eerie. There are no birds. My friend and I take our morning walk in a bubble of silence.

Scientific Method

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Actually, there are only words and the saying is nonsense.

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another

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My friend says there's some kind of bug that bites its mate's head off after they have sex.

Sentimental Me

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Love is so so sweet.

Is That You, Bugs?

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Poor kid. She didn't mean to leave my business card on her kitchen counter next to the telephone. It was a mistake.

For Now

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meanwhile, the phone doesn’t ring and that’s a good thing


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We borrow a flag from a neighbor. It’s sitting on top of the TV in the den. We haven’t figured out where to display it yet.

19__, What I Wanted

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A snap.


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Brenda sits in a room full of people who have simultaneously forgotten what it was they wanted to say.


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What you take me for?


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He was ready for the rub. Tense. She could always tell. The legs, the shuffles. He had to be frantic before he would come to her, his own wife. Vanity, fright. She could read him like a book open on the table, turn his pages the way a fish flakes. "It's comfort night,…


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Why do men become explorers? he asked. Because they want to cannibalize the unknown; to leave the chemicals, the furniture (and, yes, the shrew) behind; to make their way hi ho into the brush, whose weeds and lianas remain empty of the exhortations of Jesus Christ, whose…