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A Sampling of Complaints

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A sampling of complaints written on paper scraps: the bathrooms smell like urine, the pay is meager, the owner has octopus hands.

Dr. Doom

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I passed out one night while I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth.

Best Place To Eat in Town

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Often I eat lunch at the hospital. The cafeteria may be the best place to eat in town.

Nostradamus Dies of Gout. Nostradamus Dies of a Broken Heart. Nostradamus Crosses a Bridge that is Yet to be Built.

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Nostradamus died of gout on a Friday evening. He would be the first person in history to die of complications relating to gout. Spiked rods of crystallized uric acid pushed their way through his synovial fluid just as he composed a quatrain about the end


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The last time I jumped off a building I bounced. Sixteen stories. People ask, why. I say, I knew I’d bounce.


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She paused. “It’s definitely not okay.”


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The mongoose sniffs the breeze, listens to the mass of slithering poison in the sugarcane. Evolution has taught her patience. She stands, unmoved for centuries, the art of killing heavy within her almond colored eyes.

Only in America

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Mullah Omar was quoted as saying that “America will fall to the ground.” The extinction of America will come about if God is willing.

Mm Mm Good

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I woke up on the sofa in Doc's living room about an hour later. I went downstairs. Doc and Kat were in the guest bedroom.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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One of the women is a brassy blond, and when she takes off her coat, I almost choke on a French fry.

Phantom Soldiers

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I remember the rain mostly. I remember it so well because it helps me forget about the mosquitoes, the mud and shit, the whole goddamn Japanese army. We reached Cabanatuan six days later. We were skeletal remains of a once proud army. The flamboyant energy of…

The Strange Ones

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In the morning, I lay on my side and ran a finger down the girl’s back, lightly tracing her spine. I remarked on the whiteness of her skin.

Excerpt from the Exit Interview for the 47th Version of Death

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My predecessor warned me. I know it’s only been 64 years but enough’s enough. #27 only lasted for 18 minutes so I did better than that.

Writing Prompts

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Write about when dad hurled his bowling balls down a real city alley after a night of disgust.


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We were suckers for strays, the big baby eyes of kittens. We also had lemons for cars, bought encyclopedias from door-to-door salesmen.