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Only a Memory Away

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When Uncle Dan got sent to the Alzheimer's ward, the ladies licked their lips. Fresh meat.

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish

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1. Zugzwang When he reached zugzwang, he resisted the urge to upend the chess board. The bishop, the king—any move and it's checkmate. Fracturing a morning of raspberry scones, Sumatra blend coffee. He looked across the board at his…


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“It’s a sad thing,” I said, “when a man has to suffer just for getting a little on the side.”

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 4 (micro)

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a face all of gold: metallic, her features painted atop a golden skin-mask

Easy Rider

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She stood there with her back to me and her dress around her ankles.

Love Story, a Sequel

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He hid in parks and abandoned apartment houses until his wounds healed. He ate nuts, berries, and seeds. A shy, gentle soul, he watched children playing on the monkey bars, and thought of his lost youth.

Evil Humors

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I blame it all on evil humors. Something's leaking.


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My wife and I are cat people. Indeed, that's how we met. We met at a wake.


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We hit the road, headed west.


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“Tell you what, Chaser, I'm still in the record book and that means I'm still alive."

Godot, Go Wait Yourself!

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a bone-crusher handshake


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Summer slides into the pool. She is wearing a red bikini. Her arms slick with Coppertone, glide along the surface of the water. Like a bladderwort, she lures me in. I grab hold, suck on her a little. Waterdrops sizzle on her hickey-stained neck. I pray…

Godot is a Heartbreaking Figment

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Godot is on the way.


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“I’m serious.” “So am I.”

a microcosm

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The right is empty, waiting to receive the load like a catcher behind home plate.