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Senior Center

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"Are you all right?" I ask. He blinks. He sits up. I help him stand. He looks sorrowfully at his coffee cup, which is on the floor.

South of the Border

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We had a beach front room at a nice hotel in Puerta Vallarta. We spent our days playing in the sand. One day we took a trip down the coast on a catamaran. We didn't see any whales.

A Story About Glass

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That day I was going to write a story about glass but instead stopped and listened

how it felt to learn it would rain where you were.

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and that you once had / still sometimes sold savory pies out the side of a truck at renaissance fairs alongside your mum with her fake braid in a wrong color wrapped round her head. & you called the sky 'corrugated' or 'promising as a line of chorus g

Black Widow

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Hair as black as a Raven’s wing. Dark eyes. You wore a black dress, too, my favorite color.

La Tomatina

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It's the last Wednesday in August in Bunol, Spain.

The Mystery of the Azores

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Near the Azores, just beneath the sparkling Atlantic ripples, a fleet of sperm whales are floating vertically, as if kneeling in prayer. Their slick, grey humps dance with the light in an underwater ballet, making inkblot shadows. I drift with them,…


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They pulled him from the cell.

Deal Me Out

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Vegas is turning out to be my kind of town. Easy money, free booze, and everyone is too overstimulated to realize I’m broadcasting right into their noggins.

Seven Course

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This is how to live a life.

At the Faire

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Carl and Dolly were actors. Dolly was offered the lead in a porno film, but she turned it down.

you weren't this way

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i was in the fields, i was moss, was sticking my head in the columbine

The Star of David

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Everybody in Amsterdam spoke English, and unlike the French, they didn't pretend that they didn't.

The Celebrity

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"He doesn't have a parish," I said. "He works in a hospital in the East Bay. He told me that if I were in that hospital and I woke up and saw him, I was in big trouble."

Studies in Window

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In the long and troubled scheme of things, the doing and undoing, I would be that one at the loom by a window