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Thinly Sliced Raw Fish: 4 Micros

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Right there is where I lived when I was five. The walls were paper, I was afraid of the neighborhood kids, and my dad broke the tv during the World Series.

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another

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My friend says there's some kind of bug that bites its mate's head off after they have sex.

Just Doin' Our Job

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Bert takes care of Number One. He's not interested in the birds of the air or the beasts of the field.

Watering the Plants

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When the honeymoon was over, it was over. This was half a dozen years later. When we had tired of everything else, we tried watering the plants.

Three Micros

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We waded in the creek at bottom of the canyon, and I showed her the ladybug tree, where in season the tiny creatures formed a coat inches thick on the tree trunk.

A Little Peace

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One night we were invited out for dinner, and we got into a knock-down, drag-out that afternoon. My wife got so angry I had to hold her down on the bed.


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Still - it confused me when he confessed that he hated to see a woman "bare".


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As soon as she left, I sat down at the computer. Booted up. Read my e-mail, then looked at pictures of bare-naked ladies.


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If you outlive me, she said, it won't be because I smoke but because of what you put me through when you quit.

Alt Break

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the Griot Grrrls stopped playing their distinctive brand of power progressive acoustic worldfunk at open-mics around campus

The Birds

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My wife goes away for a few days to the little town where Hitchcock filmed The Birds. Her sister goes along. When she comes back, I ask her if she had a good time, and she says no.

Wild Turkeys

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The turkeys are big. They look like ostriches when they run.

Happy Birthday

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Jake woke up Monday morning with a song in his heart. His wife was in the shower, and Jake stood in the doorway of her bathroom singing “Happy Birthday” to himself.


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Whenever I put one over on my wife, she gives me a look, then curls her fingers and scratches the air.


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He kind of enjoyed living by himself. It was nice and peaceful.