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Watching the House Burn

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We watched the flames, screaming demons eating oxygen.


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I have four sisters, so I grew up with many least favorite things. One of them was The Sound of Music. They forced me to watch that damn thing a hundred times. After twenty five years I can still recite every line to every song: “when the dog bites, …

Codex Alimentarius

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The heck with lists, she said. Just live.

Welcome Back

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I lean forward and take her two hands in mine. I look into her eyes. “It’s you and only you,” I say. She starts to cry.

Fit of Frustration

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We know the band. At first, they point and wave, but then they ignore us. We get rowdy and stumble. We get tossed.


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Muffled tears. The splatter of tossed strawberries.

Counting to One Thousand

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This woman sits next to me, tells me things about myself she shouldn’t know. My name, the hospital where I was born, the time I almost walked onto the highway.

Gravity Gone

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If gravity were gone, she said, the world would be a better place.

A Safe Box

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We drove down a road of Victorian homes, the path lined with trees covered in glistening ice. We marveled at the scene—toy village of winter, street lights reflecting off the frozen trees revealing pinpoints like faraway stars.


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You can't excerpt an 18-word work.

Your Typical Hand

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The palm reader refused to read his palm.

A Little Fishing

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Harpo sits and looks at something I can't see. I drink beer and ask him questions. I ask him how they found the cancer. Backache, he says. He went to see a doctor.

War & Peace

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I stand at the edge of the water naked as a newborn. Tiny ripples lick my toes.


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She learned the difference between listening and hearing, between looking and seeing.

Wipe Your Feet

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I recognized the smile. It was a “I’ve got you where I want you now,” smile.