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Marriage, California Style

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Out the window we could see the parking lot and, across the street, the Bijou Moonlight Laundromat.


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No flinch, no stretch, no letting the cook get all golden about the chopping block.


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My tongue is clicking. I want to act out. I want an unprofessional bargain.

Three Micros in One Mirror

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then I wake up


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There's still a swatch of jelly on his lower lip. Did you notice? That's not the way it's done, even on the tractor.

Old Age

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Are they too old for life's little pleasures? The answer comes as I pass them on the canyon road one morning.

Over the Threshold

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The wayward slant of sunset comes. My body's bent by hours and days spent angry, leaning toward this end. I pack some clothes and leave the rest. I try to guess but can't predict the cost of hateful words we've said, the hurt that cannot be unhurt. We bled screams onto…

Little by Little, the Beautiful World

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His thrown chair in a vacant lot.

Tuesday Night

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She comes in with her white bag with its floral patterns scattered, almost accidentally, all around it

My Voyeur Life

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It's the way an earnest five-year-old boy pronounces every single letter as he whispers. Something about octopuses, something else about peas.


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The gun is heavy. The tiny women hold it in both hands.

Flash Torn from a July Morning

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What if. But then. Why not.


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Hers or mine? You figure it out, jackass.


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The tiles begin inching toward him as soon as he moves. You've seen filings on glass. He's the magnet on the underside.

The Bicycle

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Oh what fun they had riding that bike! What adventures! They went everywhere, in town and out.