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pvt Booze, Bands, Saturday Night

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No! shouted over a blaring tune.

Wall talks to wall

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Wall talks to wall. One has a clock, the other a window, the third a cupboard with bandages etcetera. The fourth a door that opens and closes a thousand times a day.Chair is across from chair. Occasionally the one looking for care picks the wrong one to sit in, and there is…

three domestic micros

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She closed her eyes and said give me a few more seconds...

We Continue to Evolve

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Since the drought, turkey vultures have begun riding afternoon thermals into town, gliding in on their enormous wings...

three more war micros

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So many names.

pvt Ray's People Have Always Been Soldiers

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For those who have borne the brunt of war.

Ray's People Have Always Been Soldiers

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Ray's boy sets up the Claymores. Then, with the rest of the patrol, he lies and waits.

The Measure of Love

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Night is coming on with its slender threads of knowing.

People Watching and Missed Opportunities at the Bus Depot

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It's not actually about blow jobs, sex, or coitus of any kind. You probably won't like it.

We Are Busy Sewing the Flags of Our Children

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We have brought our defeated flags out of hiding. I lay mine on the table under the naked bulb....


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They met on a cruise, married days later.

77 Words About Nothing (Half and Half)

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Being forced to spend blood money on libations isn't stoic. It's shitty.

Why My Grandfather Had All Those Bessie Smith Records

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He left school at thirteen and joined his brother's jitney business...

Shiver, 43

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, that smiley lush would shake rattle and quiver the day long no matter the temperature.


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During the audit...