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They come for us just as we are leaving our lakeside villa...

Five Easy Pieces, Disassembled

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Icons never remain whole.

Lingering over Drinks

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I signal the bartender with a little circular motion.

The Queue

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She persisted. “How long have we been here?” A note of anger crept into his voice. “How long? How long? Why …, why ….” He swallowed hard, realized he had forgotten.


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I spot another fat lady in another part of the store, and I slap her butt, too. She tells me I'm a bad boy.

Europe, 1960

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The painting was on loan from a gallery in Chicago. We stood there connecting the dots.

Minnesota Menage

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I peel off my shorts and tee-shirt, step out of my shoes, and crawl into bed. She wakes up then. "Oh, my goodness," she says.

A Year of Lost Things

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There are so many things I'm missing; I've become so forgetful in the year since you've been gone.

A Black Night

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The hairs on my arm lift with the breeze; a haunting breath from the open window carrying night-scented stock from the black-shrouded garden.

Sometimes Suicide is Slow

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Sometimes suicide is slow. A friend tries, fails; tries, fails. But the body holds our secrets and never forgets.

So Nice by the Fire

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I tried to talk to him, tell him how I felt about that, but he looked at me as if for the first time, so I retreated to the stereo with a pitcher of stingers and put on a Doors album.

pvt Missing Her

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He worries all the way to the airport.

pvt seven Nailpolish Stories

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We visit Billy the Kid’s grave, then exchange vows in Sister Grace’s trailer.

pvt At the Home 70 Years Later

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Sirens, the crunch of broken glass, fire hoses, men in tin hats.

pvt Day Shift

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Across from the tagged junkyard, traffic rolls in, rolls out of the jets.