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Follow my finger up the canyon wall, past the Chevy wedged into its own ferocious orbit. It was that innocent...


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cummings starts to sniff, his usual routine. He feigns aloofness while raising one wolfy leg to pee on Eliot's sneakers.

Zoo Story

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I tell my friend, the animal lover, not to get too near the panther's cage. "Why not?" she asks. "You'll see," I say.

The Wooden City

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Ah, how sweet is forbidden fruit, how delicious undiscovered sin!

The Apostate

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A crone dressed in black pours liquid from a bottle onto the egg. Whiskey. Gasp! The egg cooks before our eyes!


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It's Granny hauling her crooked soul into heaven. Guess who I stole that image from?

Visiting Sally

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Buddy was in a garage band. They were pretty good. “Soul Harbor“ they called themselves.

The Longfellow Bridge Diaries: Part 2

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They sway from his hips, the torn knapsack, and the corners of the pushcart

Heathcliff & Heather - a sudden, inevitable romance

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Quiet on the set. Cue the wind. Closeup on the hair, and ... action!

Her Idea of the Devil

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She pictured him as a decadent bohemian...

Dirty Business

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After college, after summer, came the cubicle. She kept gladiola in a tall vase on her desk: yellow and apricot, colors that buzz.

Mother Lies

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Yesterday, my boy was wild. He whooped and circled, dodged the tall thin trunks of Longleaf Pines. Bare feet stamped a forest floor soft with the dead and dying. Here and there, a sharp pine cone brought a yelp


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During the winter, some of the fellows went to a rink to ice skate, and one time Good Blindy went with them. His friends got Fred outfitted with a pair of rented skates and turned him loose on the ice.

Plaque on the wall of the new gymnasium at Middleton Elementary School

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I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time.


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The rain pelted down, it got dark, and they couldn't see a thing. The wind roared like a thousand locomotives.