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what a mess


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far from this time


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conflicts in time


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his word

whistle stop

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good bye suckers


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under a laughing moon

last light

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whisper to me

The Girl Who Loved to Strike Matches (a Faerie Tale)

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--What happened? Where are your shoes? --They were slippers, she said. And they were too big. They were my mum's, besides. --Well, what happened to them? It's frigid. --They fell off. I lost them crossing the street. One of them. The other was taken aw


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I hate math. I hate everything about it.

Of Cameramen and Death Squads in Tbilisi

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we share somewhat the same past he was bureau chief of ABC overseas

What He Knows What She Knows What You Know

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next time i come around i want to be a redwood.


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She is an old soul. We talk of Barbie dolls and school. Her hands weaving stories. Maybe a hesitant smile. Eyes soft, earth-brown pansies, sadly martyred.An old man steers his car up a hill. Passes through hoops of sky before powerlessly plunging. On the news I hear…


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She is an old soul...