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No. 1 Fan

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As always in her concert gigs, Ai sings her favorite song, "I want to be famous!" Amidst the crowd of fans and haters...

Flirting with Strangers

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scared and alone

They Say You Finally Have to Forgive Everything

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My uniformed father's smile resembles the Mona Lisa's, as unknowable to me as ever...

If I Didn't Leave

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I'd be looking at death

I Should Feel Liberated

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I'm finally beginning to accept that you're not coming back.


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I've been drowning since before they got there.


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while inside birds pop from cuckoo clocks


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Do you want a minister? No, she says. Hell, no.


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They're shutting off my electricity tomorrow.

2 little mysteries

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"When did you learn this?" I ask.

Can Anybody Here Juggle?

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What was that film in the '80s, him so cynical, so beautifully stoned?

Night Terror

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A door in the hallway, with 30E in brass letters glinting dully on its polished surface, lying sideways on the floor like a beacon.

Among the Orangutans

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Adele was beautiful and Frank plain, but she let him make love to her anyway. However, the next morning, Frank saw, to his disgust, that her fine red-blond hair also tapered to a long downy beard.


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Lately he's been wanting to write about love...


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"S- E- X -- ever heard of it?"