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They Say You Finally Have to Forgive Everything

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My uniformed father's smile resembles the Mona Lisa's, as inscrutable to me as ever...

Icebreaker (second draft)

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A short play based on college life.

The Ugly Cry

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And now. And now.

The Loss

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a bunch of flags lining the ground, like dead bodies

Always Be Closing

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Outside, the lake is dark.

Ball and Chain

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I don't have the patience to learn why people kill themselves.

Never Talking to You Again

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everything becomes an excuse


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When I get back to the city from six weeks on the reservation job, she and the kids are gone, the house devoid of everything but naked hangers and a yellow slip of paper on the kitchen counter. The scrawled number turns out to be her lawyer's. I hang up quickly and sob into…


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What was that film, him so cynical, so beautifully stoned?

Sleeping in the Dark

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lovers aren't supposed to care about mess

Nice Dream

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They must love me.


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No one would hurt me for fun.

Another State of Mind

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people self-destruct for no reason


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I'll never be able to trust anyone again.