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Not Making Heads or Tales

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Something about shadows and last time and driving.

Jangling Note

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The art of boozing can't redeem a bastard.

The Gulf

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My 99 year old mother...

rough and drafty

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One***Every morning is cruel. There is steam from his warm body revealing that I am holding glasses to ghosts, these old things bleeding me. We are two animals still and desiring salt.***Two***Loose magiccigarette smokehe devours one more womanwith his poacher's…

Self Inventory

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Life, like a kite string, is slipping out of your hands


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stray fingertips undid your name and wept

Paleo Prophet

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We are insatiable

Voices of the Dying

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raging on road and page

Emily's Letter to her Husband's Lover

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I almost kept him on the shelf with all the trophies.

Sartre by the River

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with secrets and the scent of grass

Three Micros

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I asked the hospice nurse about maggots.

tiny thoughts

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what if I die?

Four Brief Poems

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The eyes, luminous and large- each an infinite bright blue ocean Wind ruffles feathers My ego and vanity also/ encourage me not to wear a mask. An aberration/ that general circumstances/ will remedy, and soon.

Trompe l'oeil

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After her grief had subsided, the wife felt immediate relief. / Suddenly she was free to abandon or pursue loneliness


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The child was delivered, set to breathing, and whisked away before Fae Anne could even catch a glimpse of her.

Crack Pot Bear Chili

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Hunters took 750 bears

Nola Visit

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The little Lady and I drove down to New Orleans to take in the Mardi Gras festivities we’d read so much about.

One old and one new

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served as it is/ among these friends. The frayed filaments/ tickle my chin and irritate my nostrils,


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the frost has made all tender greens bow


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koalas burning

Neatly Creased Newspapers

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A thin line separated her lips, like something sketched with a pencil.

Two Dog Poems

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maybe a day in deep winter

Not as a Poet

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She's not a poet, but does she have to be? She comes to the reading to read the poems of her recently dead husband, for she made a vow: that she would read his work at an open mic. Now she is keeping her word. It's her way of keeping him alive or maybe it's his way of…

The Point Of It All

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He understood that people no longer read or thought deeply about things but continued to write anyway. He understood that Einstein's theory of relativity was proved correct during the world's longest eclipse of May 29, 1919 when photos of the Hyades star cluster…


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For a few/ vivid weeks, deciduous shrubs and trees/ will seem to glow like flames and embers

Wraiths of Vapor

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The rain hammers the windows, an unorthodox pattern on a sad Sunday morning.

The Ardennes: Two Vignettes

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In the Ardennes for the the first time...

From The Plague Year 2020

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I went to Costco

Found - Guano

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Snail ooze and bull semen

The Ballad of the Summer Grains

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It is a day of swallows and grasshoppers, of white clouds and suntanned arms. In the yellow field wheat ears burn, lit by fantasies. One of wheat, one of rye. Summer love, holiday love is in the air. Under the thickness of the harvest, their roots search, call each other.…