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Each angry man leaps from a boy tempered by existential harm.

Come Monday

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“Have the cousins arrived?”

Why Things Are Just OK with Me

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With such demeaning precarity, I can’t read/ anything more than a thousand words

Kentucky Silk

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the frost has made all tender greens bow

My Coyote

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I say her- it might be him-/ but from a distance I supply the details I prefer.

Once Again

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Bruce kept his seat, waiting for those in the aisle to begin filing out. But they weren’t moving, and neither was he.

A Jovial Saturday Sight

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No twinkle- so, planet, not star./ And bright, so either Venus/ or Jupiter. I’m guessing, Jupiter.


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For a few/ vivid weeks, deciduous shrubs and trees/ will seem to glow like flames and embers

dream girl

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friends come in dreams

Dancing in Santa Fe

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Once you learn to dance you never forget.

El Dia de los Muertos

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"The path back to the living must not be made slippery by tears." (Mexican proverb)Marigolds blaze yellow under Oaxacan sun.Their slender necks stretch above fern foliage.Stars of this late October hillside, they drapetheir riches over the edges of terra cottalike…

Dead Girl Rolling

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They left me on a gurney for hours...

It's Tough

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got the space heater going in the desert got a lot of space out there somewhere

Paleo Prophet

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We are insatiable


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In the east the sun. I love

Trader Joe's, on a Sunday

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When you think I'm not looking, I always am. You say it's like nicotine, your best analogy as a non-smoker. The kind of hit that is hard to live without and isn't it human nature, you ponder.

Walking With Cyclop

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I was looking for a house in the French countryside. A small farm, to be precise, one I could buy and rent out. With separate accommodation for me to live in during summer. A place in which I could continue with my studies under a different sky, in the warm weather, the…


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A memory exploded inside her . . .

Mean People Suck

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He said his wife levitated.

The Witch in the Canyon

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There's a witch in Laurel Canyon.She made Wes a promise.Her bungalow smelled like Parliaments. Parliaments, garlic frying in olive oil. Parliaments, garlic frying in olive, and a freshly opened pack of Red Vines. Wes could have curled up into a ball and fallen asleep on her…


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When I got out I didn't buya new suit of clothes, stepinto a bar, or bargainfor an hour with a whore.I walked from McGee Streetover to Russell and wonderedif Bus 16 still went out of its wayto loop around the traffic knotat the shopping mall. It'd drop you thereif you had…

Happy Valentine's Day From Your Librarian

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Is every librarian a poet at heart? I don't know, but a group of librarians recently put their heads together and came up with these library-themed Valentine's Day poems: Roses are red Your book's overdue You've had it for months Which is…

everything moved in circles

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everything moved in circles like the music, the booze and the drugs


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They struck him just above his right eye, gashed him good. A scar-leaving gash. There was blood.


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... and August's drought/ will yellow lawns, singe the shrubs,/ and amplify cicada song.

Yet More from The Chronicles of His Demise

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The Muse//has used/ me up


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Got something inside me hard as nails keeps me walking upright ain't never failed

Blades of Grass

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What are the odds of August rain in Texas?


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Senseless, inevitable.