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Each angry man leaps from a boy tempered by existential harm.

Why Things Are Just OK with Me

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With such demeaning precarity, I can’t read/ anything more than a thousand words

Self Inventory

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Life, like a kite string, is slipping out of your hands

Paleo Prophet

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We are insatiable

Come Monday

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“Have the cousins arrived?”

Sartre by the River

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with secrets and the scent of grass

Trompe l'oeil

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After her grief had subsided, the wife felt immediate relief. / Suddenly she was free to abandon or pursue loneliness

Kentucky Silk

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Crack Pot Bear Chili

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Hunters took 750 bears


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the frost has made all tender greens bow

My Coyote

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I say her- it might be him-/ but from a distance I supply the details I prefer.

Once Again

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Bruce kept his seat, waiting for those in the aisle to begin filing out. But they weren’t moving, and neither was he.


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koalas burning

Two Dog Poems

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maybe a day in deep winter

A Jovial Saturday Sight

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No twinkle- so, planet, not star./ And bright, so either Venus/ or Jupiter. I’m guessing, Jupiter.

The Point Of It All

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He understood that people no longer read or thought deeply about things but continued to write anyway. He understood that Einstein's theory of relativity was proved correct during the world's longest eclipse of May 29, 1919 when photos of the Hyades star cluster…


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For a few/ vivid weeks, deciduous shrubs and trees/ will seem to glow like flames and embers

The Ardennes: Two Vignettes

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In the Ardennes for the the first time...

16th Street Mall Shuttle

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Do something that's really useful.

dream girl

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friends come in dreams

Girl With Glasses And Skinny Fingers

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Girl with glasses and skinny fingers playing with wires

El Dia de los Muertos

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"The path back to the living must not be made slippery by tears." (Mexican proverb)Marigolds blaze yellow under Oaxacan sun.Their slender necks stretch above fern foliage.Stars of this late October hillside, they drapetheir riches over the edges of terra cottalike…

Variations on a Theme

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Your confidence would amuse me.

Trying to remember something else, I recall supreme and utter solitude in a far off time and place

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Before the war...

It's Tough

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got the space heater going in the desert got a lot of space out there somewhere

The Facts of This Life as Its End Approaches

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The knees remind you: you are old,/ and broken, and unlikely to improve

Not Death but Decrepitude

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A bedridden ward of the state,/ warehoused in a nursing home,/ unable to drive to the liquor store/ for whiskey and cigarettes,


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The murder of two teens late one humid night on a tiny rural Virginia island brings a dark, malignant mystery edging into the village known as Leicester Court House.

A Release of Sorts

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For the new year, I´ve given up palm oil. Made shopping a whole lot harder. Damn orangutans tugging at my conscience.


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I kept my seat. Passengers packed in the aisle weren't moving and until they were, neither was I.