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A Cloud of Words for Winter

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What I would say

I'll find you - A Dedication to Mathew Paust

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Matt was among those rare creatures; an ideal kind of reader ...

Trapeze Artist

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Solitude is such an excellent alternative to suicide.

Lingering Over Language

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The mornings he comes in


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A riot of greens

Conversations with my brother

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Maybe it takes as much fortitude To forget As it does To remember.

Zwarovski Crystals

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It was 14:24 official eBay time. Louise had spent hours looking at over 30,000 items under “Elvis Memorabilia"

a good ending

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It's twilight

Trout Fishing in America Shorty lives on after the death of his dear friend Richard Brautigan, though sadly

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Maybe, after years of writing poems like letters, he began to notice that no one ever wrote him back.


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Unless we see it, probe it, Name it, star by star, and feel This awful, tenuous gratitude.

Second Thoughts

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I caught sight of him standing near the nails.

You May Be

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beautiful, but you don't own beauty. You may be sexy, but you don't own desire. You may be smart, but you don't own wisdom. You may be good and kind, but you don't own love. You may like trees, but you don't own the forest. You may like to…

Your party invitation just arrived (guest poem by Carolyn Martin)

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"I’d rather move a word around a page than raise a glass or pass a plate or work a room immune to poetry."

Original Sin

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The sirens didn’t eat the sailors

My Life on Discord

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I’m on Discord but I don’t know how to do anything.

Under the Night Sky

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wonder at all the things done without regard for you at all.


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He prided himself on being not menacing like a bear.

Rose Hill

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angels and lambs drunkards and whores


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Scraping the baked on Bar B Q sauce from the grabbing ends of the stainless steel tongs has my total attention.

late winter light

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curled in


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In one of the cartoons I watched as a child, Popeye the Sailor gives Olive Oyl a bouquet of flowers. She is thrilled, he walks on air, thinking they will marry. His one-eyed heroism is soon challenged by Bluto however, who pours cement into Popeye's bath. It goes…

From the Plague Year 2020 Part 2

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So today was basically mellow. The blue jays argued over who would bathe first in my fountain. When a squirrel showed up, the birds left, but the doves took their place. Our local woodpecker, apparently recovered from a day long headbanging session, returned to the…


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After you lost sight in your left eye, mom made me go on the road with you that last summer to help you see.

The Young Woman Swimming

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She stepped inlike ice alonecould save hershe dived,slicing the wavewith her body her fresh pony tailsubmergedlike a silk scarfthen swam moving thewater awaylike whirlpoolscould hold her buoyantly save her from the headachewhispering wordsThey had been there all…

A heart that is not broken...

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She'd had every reason to believe he'd be difficult, though he wasn't.


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Tiny Window

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I remember the living room heater

The Year of the Horse

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“She's the year of the horse,” Metri said as he peeled his dirty head from the bed, his hair was as matted as a racoon tale. It was as wild as a wild animal and smelled like body odor with a hint of blood. He slid his scabbed hands up to his chest as if to…


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The snapdragon has now achieved absolute resonance, the gateways on either side are fully opened wide with beautiful iridescent curtains billowing out in high frequency spectrum waves producing a very pleasant ecstatic effect within observer's sensory app

Before She Gets into the Car

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His white shirt gleams