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The Serious Writer and Her Pussy

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One can smuggle drugs inside a pussy. (also, see tags!)

A House

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an after-thought of scattered pines

Space Man

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His girlfriend's probably surfing somewhere in California right now. She is an astrophysicist and a veteran and a triathlete, but she's never been up in space, like he is now, in a failing spacecraft. He knows it's failing by the way the engine sounds, like…

10,000 Dollar Pyramid

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During the course of her life Cleo screwed every single President.

Black & White/ Color

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We had them in our bunk beds in the trailer, before Becky fell and broke her neck.

This Is Cactus Land

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I cannot regain my balance

Sit In Here

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"You," he says, "Sit in here."

The Hollow

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They live on the edge of town. There is a cornfield behind their house. When the wind blows, it is like the hands of many children clapping.

3 Short Shorts

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When he tried to kiss her, she ran to the bathroom to throw up.

Repair Man

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The repair man is conscientious in this as he is with all things, light with his fingers and his tongue. His hair falls over his eyes as he works her.

What Some Boys Do

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I squeeze the soft bag tighter between my legs.


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That's what these companies do: swallow you whole and spit you out.

Lake Chelan

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Amish-like, between the sheets.

Recent Rejection Letters

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Dear Meg, Thank you for submitting your breasts to our evening last night. Your cleavage has been carefully considered, but unfortunately I've decided not to explore further. That said, remember that I am a fan of women in general; my tastes, biases, and opinions…

Rites of Spring

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A tiny bear emerged from the cave of his mouth, grabbed the hair and pulled it on his lap to play with it.


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We're so unkempt and sorry.

Wrestling with Genetics

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I know he's an accident waiting to happen.

The Big Dipper

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She was proud of her breasts, which were large, adult size. I didn't have any breasts yet, but the doctor said not to worry.

Baby, Baby...

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Co-workers come in to pee or brush their teeth and the pump squeaks and from the stall, Ling says sorry…I'm sorry.

Common Password Profile Users: God, Love, Lust, Money, and Private

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She leans to see fresh bruises in dawn's early light.

One More Thing

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The second thing Annie Riser did after receiving her diagnosis was to find a realtor in the Yellow Pages and put her house up for sale.


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... must we turn again (and again)/ to an orchestra stripped of wind and drum?

Love, Story

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I don’t read fiction he said dismissively and it was such a profoundly ridiculous denial of something so essential like saying I don't breathe air or I don’t make love or I don’t like music for fuck’s sake that all I could think to say in response


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He’d kept the parking space open. She used it most often, whenever she and her husband, an old drinking buddy, came to visit.

Wake Up

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Mr. Dorn finishes the song and stands holding his penis, looking amazed, as if penises had just been invented and he'd been asked to try this one out for size.

Le Sucre Brun

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The commandant pried her lids open with steely thumbs.

Pig Girl

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"In the camps we ate whatever garbage they gave us." This according to my mother. "We had no choice." But I had eaten pig with gusto at an anti-Semite's table. Somehow this had to be undone. Burial in soil was all I could imagine.

Things I Should Have Done - #3

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Should I have shooed the cats from my bed? Shaken awake the silky tangle of feline true love curled at my feet? Shut their bedroom door against them? Perhaps, maybe, I don’t know.

Pleiku Jacket

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Our flag-draped coffins float to the surface of an uncharted sea and we appear together—patriots both—on the cover of Life Magazine.

(Like a Pop Song) This is the Head of a Sunflower

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This is the head of a sunflower as well as the butt of a beetle as well as the membrane with its busy veins of traffic between sky and cloud as well as the upside down skeleton of a raindrop as well as the groove twisting in a line around your sweet kissable…