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E-Harmony Connection #54421

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We were destined by chemistry and plastic figurines to give it a go.

Each Planned to Kill the Other

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What was heinous about it was how easy I assumed it would be. That was truly heinous, and it was a mistake in the end to think of it that way. But I’ve learned from what’s heinous. I’ve bought a plastic cylinder filled with nylon zip ties. They’re great f

Eager To Please

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She didn't care for the taste. Slightly salty and sweet at the same time, but she let him come in her mouth just the same


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It was an eagle in the waves Those eyes make no mistake Especially from a mile high Blue fish and tuna Too dumb to run

Early (Valentine's Day Challenge)

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Beside her door there was a black squirrel in the dogwood she saw scratched his armpit.

Early Decision

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Melinda said forget the kegger last night, what we’re about to do will help you figure out whether you want to apply here.

Early One Morning at Denny's

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Throughout breakfast Quebec kept watching this investor fellow, John Lytle. She tried remembering something about him, about when they'd first met. Her first impressions were very nearly always correct. But all she could bring to memory now was that it

early spring

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the late snow, though not welcomed...

Early Thoughts on the Oedipus Complex

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Conversation becomes Electra, as do her eyes. Electra’s head is grey, like the head of my Frau Freud, Martha. Her intelligent irises are darkly pigmented, and her sclerae are edged with a dramatic, black line of the sort that Cleopatra affected. In ou

Early Tuesday Morning

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The moon hung in the sky, round and pale, under cover of some wispy clouds.

Early Winter Haikus

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Earth Below

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Lover’s leap to a bank of smooth shale/ Where I sat drinking beer that past summer/watching a group of hard shell Baptists/line up to be saved in it’s muddy waters

Earth Day Celebration

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At the annual Earth Day celebration, Frieda looked up in the sky and saw a lone goose. It had caught her attention with its call, echoing off the buildings and trees.

Earth's the Right Place for Love

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When he turns around she has her top off and is climbing out of her skirt. "I don't like old men that much," she says. "We don't have to talk. No one will know."

Earthquake 4.0

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I thought the dog was up to someting.


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It scraped at Paul’s brain like a cat’s claw at the door. He hadn’t heard the song in years. Was that the Searchers? The Seekers?


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We went east. It wasn't all that easy, but easier than staying where we were, unable to freely move or give birth to anything brand new. We went east insearch of the mysterious faraway beginnings of a mythical wild west. We went east becauseit…


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Marge didn't eat lamb or pork.


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This was how he circumnavigated people, bartering like a viking setting prices on the edge of an ax-blade.


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Easter the emerald parlor remembered, come yourself to convince me now impose yourself firm to the maroon furrow that is my heart. Interloper, make your mayhem here, where I have been miserable -…

Easter Sunday

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It was Easter Sunday at the Ezra Baptist Church; everything was dressed in white for the wedding being held after the morning service remembering Christ’s resurrection. The congregation was packed in like sardines with out of town relatives on that day

Easter: A Non-Fiction.

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Then I found myself in the water.

Easy Lessons

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A hinge in my heart is broken.

Easy Rider

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She stood there with her back to me and her dress around her ankles.

Easy to Show

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“3.9 million dollars,” she whispered to the window.

Eat Drink Grow

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Can you see me dying? 'Not quite', Said Mummy, 'because it happens Very slowly all the time.

Eat, Pray, Network

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The image was startlingly unfamiliar. Looking at it, no one would guess it had been their last attempt, their last failure. No one would believe that they had never really been that way, or that the life they shared was built on mind games, manipulation a


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["Viewer discretion advised."]

Eating Crow

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I stabbed a man at the Blue-Buick Bar and Grill. This may not be shocking news, all things considered. The man I stabbed didn't think it was all that shocking, even while it was happening. I'd had a lot of those energy drinks -- six or seven -- even before I'd puked…

Eating Dim Sum with Di

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Lindsey and I are both talking loudly about things we would never talk about in real life, under the impression that this is all somehow instructional for Di. But I think it's really more about us. Di gives us an excuse to talk like two people unjustifiab