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The Audition

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My music teacher, Luigi Biagi, told me that he was done with me. He said it was time I moved on to more specialized teachers. Since my passion was composing and arranging, he recommended Al Fine.

the smell

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Luis was wearing skinny jeans with a red zip up hoodie that had a patch safety pinned to the back. The patch said “THIS IS HELL” in all capital letters.

Deliberate Music

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My emulations always fail. At heart,/ I don’t want bougainvillea nor blushing pilgrims

The instruments

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TromboneA trombone blusters his waythrough the bright restaurant,demanding to see the chef.He's furious;the prawns have given himsplitnotes.ViolinsFour violins wait for a bus in the rain.The pervading atmosphere of melancholymakes their plaintive scrapings redundant.AxeThe…


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On stage, students from the junior college join children from the community to speak and sing in American-French accents. They are timid, heart-broken, in love, rebellious, faithful, resigned to their fates—and all in the matter of a few short hours.

Prime cut

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1I don't like it when they leave the heads on.I mean it's not nice, is it.The idyllic order of the abattoir.Mary is on stunning and bleeding.She prefers evisceration.Still, the work's ok and it's her day off tomorrow.Deft hands perform their daily ballet.Mary had a…

See You Later, Alligator

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Nothing feels more like summer than a watermelon war.

Root and Talon, Thumb and Nail/ The Divine Rites of Music

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The worlds whirl and shatter,/ spin, collide, and collapse without intent.

at the record store

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sucked inside cellophane

Today's Going fast

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screw everything, youth is plinko

It All Falls Apart

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a nightmare where I find out they're disowning me

All the Dead Punks

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my body forgets its own music

Rain on Me

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For the past eight years, I’ve been the drummer of the band Post Nasal Drip until this morning when Duane, the lead singer, called to tell me I had been replaced by a drum machine

Bands - They're Back!

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Hooter Suit Trailer Trash Scarlet Harlot Cheating Bitches Abyss Little Bit Closet Poets


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Days like this I operate this city on muscle memory.