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My Voyeur Life

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It's the way an earnest five-year-old boy pronounces every single letter as he whispers. Something about octopuses, something else about peas.

Hector's Record Collection

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Zappa, Santana, Hendrix.


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I slide my hand under the sheets. It’s cool there. An impression. This is where she would be.

Prize Fight

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Silent as snow.

Guitar Lessons

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Sula tries to bring a bit of the magic back with her. She carefully tucks some into her suitcase between the Union Jack knee-high socks for her sister and souvenir Big Ben T-shirt for her mother. She braids some into her hair.

The Fashion Police

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The closet was an overflowing cornucopia of clashing patterns, cheesy fabrics and tragic accessories. There was a dizzying array of skin tight body shirts with long pointy collars, Nehru jackets, striped bell bottoms, flairs, plaid sansabelt slacks, bolo

The Day The Music Died

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I heard an old Stevie Ray Vaughn tune this morning. It triggered a flash back. It’s funny how just a few notes of a song can slam me right into a memory. A total and complete immersion. Sights. Sounds. Smells. The people. The place. The weather. Wha


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On the street / The protesters stand / Yelling words empty as wind

Trio of Found Poems

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Paper Bird, Devotchka, TV On The Radio

The Eric Dolphy Marching Band

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My wife storms into the kitchen with a pink mako shark slung over her shoulder, barking "Dinner!" towards me as I sit on the counter swishing my middle finger through a bowl of sand.

Just a Girl

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“You guys!” I hissed. “What is it?” Samantha asked. “It's Gwen-fucking-Stefani!”

The Fifth Chamber of the Heart

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I begged him, "please tell me again how it feels.""I can only describe it as a purring," he said of the slurry of snow falling inside his ribcage. He swallowed again. And then, "maybe it's more a feathered butterfly. It's hard to say." It apparently had begun, this…

keys, muted trumpet nearby

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jazz & spring timesometimes mean the same thingthat thing: im prov i sa tionor maybecollab'ration (perhaps)between strangers, orangeblossom perfume sinkingagainst the shallow while while while--while the horizon…

Island Numbers

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an island hidden in the sound holds treasure

The Lonely White Elephant in Rome

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the gambling priest stands in the morning fog/red moon hangs in the sky/the army of seven houses marches over the hill