Trio of Found Poems

by Jeff Geiger

Paper Bird

the Blue Motown Man

with Bells and Pennies

Livin' on a Train

in St. Louis

he drinks

his Coffee Black

and Grey and Blue

with Blue Sparks


      knew The Structure Of Love

      lived in Colorado

      Dead As A Deadman's Bone

      was carried away by a Band of Angels

the Steady Yellow Sun

beats on the Sailor

among Boxcars & Thistles

he sings a Lullaby to the Bumblebee

gone from Riches to Rags


The Man From San Sebastian

stands in The Alley and hears the Bad Luck Heels

Sunshine in his eyes

You Love Me

Too Tired

No One Is Watching

you're Ruthless and Exhaustible

you're Such A Lovely Thing

the Dearly departs All The Sand In All The Sea

the New World is undone

this is How It Ends

TV On The Radio

it was a Modern Romance

on Lover's Day You wore your Red Dress

but I went The Wrong Way

Stared At The Sound and went Blind

you Shout Me Out and ran Halfway Home crying

the things you can do to a Wolf Like Me

I Was A Lover

we were Young Liars

but now I'm just Mr. Grieves