An Irrational Poem

by Jeff Geiger


Imperfection is a goal we can all aspire to

finding beauty in imperfection is the principle of art

design should come out of character

we don't design monsters as function

we design characters


that are most powerful are most relatable

a great creature is only a creature you can imagine in repose

they invoke pity




if you don't have the human part

shooting doesn't matter

if you don't have the relatable part

the teeth don't matter


All have been told

context is half

context is the voice of the narrator

anecdote is the other half

Romeo and Juliet 

in space

on a plantation with black slaves

during the invasion of Iraq

video games are the bridge to the future of genre narratives


If you don't know their own set of rules

you fail

movies can permeate video games

video games can permeate movies

comics permeate films

films permeate comics


controlling one is not controlling all three


is the land of the slow no

every movie is always on hold

two fucking years to say no

compulsively safe seeking

no is the hardest word to learn as an artist

a big mistake is forcing collaboration

a movie is a marriage

it shows when not interested

you can't fuck without a boner