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Mario's Three Lives

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The plumber has three lives left or else he is already dead.


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Morning time had come again. Kojo felt the beginning of the day, but couldn't know it yet. Awareness came first: the temperature of the room, the light behind his eyelids, how much of him could feel a draft. Then, before it was taken from him, he recalled the memory of a…

An Irrational Poem

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Hollywood is the land of the slow no.

White Room Trials

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November 24th-- Subject began to chew the flesh of his forearms. Researchers considered interfering but decided against it because subject was only bleeding slightly.

Steel and Spell

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Pen or sword? Pick one/choose your battles carefully/for the paths oppose

My Brother's Bedroom

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they say the sense of smell is the strongest sense connected to memory, but not for me

The Game Testers (Chapter 1)

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Lead Tester David Walker watches from the observation room as 18-year-old Amy Takahashi interviews with Lead Tester Melody Standish for an internship at a family-owned video game company.

Arcade Encounter

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Looking over the crowd in the arcade is like looking over a crowd of zombies.