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Mina stumbled and fell headlong into her apartment, smacking her knees and palms on the hardwood floor.

The Arab Bank

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It had been particularly easy this spring, and it had always been very, very easy.

While on Vacation in Rome

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While on vacation in Rome, Jeanine was accidentally mistaken for Jerry Lewis. She and her mother had rented an apartment on Via Babiuno...


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Takeo Suzuki was teaching KC, big-time film actor and director, the proper way to slice yellowtail. The chef made four quick cuts. KC mimicked him, but his cuts were barbaric and loud.

The Late Show at the Argo

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The couple drove away at the end of the late show. They crashed sooner or later, often with fatalities to the woman cuddled up against her illicit lover.

Smoke and Mirrors

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She liked his company, she was fond of him—the way an old English gentleman might be fond of his terrier—I've very fond of her, you know, he says, rubbing her bristly back.

My Favorite Emotion

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Mom. Dad. I’ll have you know that Jesus, right this second, is in the bathroom, and the bathroom Jesus told me it was okay with him if I pushed Alicia off the roof with a pillow-case parachute.

How to Be a Conqueror

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The movies he liked best were the ones in which white people played Asian leads. Since his girlfriend had left, that Barry was adopted had seemed to become more of a fact.

Quickly The World Blurs

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On the drive home they are silent, like diffident strangers sharing a bus bench, though sometimes she rests her hand lightly on his leg, and when she does that his arm brushes against hers as he switches gears.

My Date With Jennifer Connelly

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Hell found me. I was scouring my shelf for books to read last night and nothing seemed to interest me. There were books on anthropology, politics, economics, science, and sociology -- the works. There were also my Hornby's, Gaiman's, Tolkien's,…

Bogart Generations

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Great Uncle did stunts in silents and shot a man in a cowboy one-reeler, then vanished to the hills like Roy Earle in High Sierra.

Watching Them

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I was going to tell my husband, then I decided it would be my secret.

The Juniper Days – Part II, The Diary

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12th August: I have yet to tire of Madrid. Some come and go but there is always a group of the best people to dance and drink and flirt with. (I can frequently accomplish all three simultaneously.)

Zhou Yu’s Train

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Are we like a poem, a short hand of words curtained together, evoking a mood, but in the end, impenetrable? We follow the clues to our lover's heart and what we find isn't him at all but ourselves. We fill every part of his life, every part of his past and even become…

Shrödinger’s Inception

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I'm on Schrödinger's plane, over the Pacific. I'm locked in a box in an unobserved state with a dangerous element and when I arrive — in L.A. - I will find out if I am alive or dead. Looking at the low-down clouds, I wonder why it is that Schrödinger's work is one of…