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Movie Conference, 1963

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Suddenly the producer, Irving, tosses a new idea into the discussion, an idea for a possible film. Then the writer, Herbert, does the talking. He performs, in fact, puts on a one-man show. The idea! The idea! It's…

An Irrational Poem

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Hollywood is the land of the slow no.


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On the street / The protesters stand / Yelling words empty as wind

Little Kitty, Girl Celebrity

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Good morning! I didn’t see you there. Please, come in. I insist. No, really, sit down next to me. Would you like some of my chocolate raisin-laced popcorn? Fine, have it your way. My name is Little Kitty and I was once a big star.

That One Time I Tried To Be Enlightened

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One…two…three…can anyone else get past three? What if I’m the only one that can only get to three? Did I just fail life? One…I’m doing this wrong. I stop counting, but I keep my eyes closed. I stay seated in the lotus position and I don’t move, beca

Film Appreciation

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“Shane, will you turn off the lights?” Jean asked. “Film really is much better with the correct lighting.” “I believe you,” Shane said while he switched off the lights, blanketing the room in complete darkness. The large TV on the…

Who's Chasing You?

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“Who’s chasing you?”. When the answer is ‘no one’, it’s best to drive away, like you would from a forgettable Oregon town or someone who can’t love you more than they hate themselves.