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Lesson 38

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You have a house (plural, as in Spain)

Bosch's Last Words

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I / go my / way alone

Something Max Beckmann Said

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The stronger my determination grows / to grasp the unutterable things of this world

From Jack Spicer's Letter to Lorca

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I would like to make poems out of real objects

Coleridge on Urine

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What a beautiful Thing / Urine is

Dadd's Imagination

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He was a young / man when he killed his / father

I Wonder About the Trees

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I stole forth dimly in the dripping pause

An Irrational Poem

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Hollywood is the land of the slow no.

Trio of Found Poems

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Paper Bird, Devotchka, TV On The Radio

At Milepost 33

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I am not sure why I favor forgotten detritus from God's great tumbler...

The Lonely White Elephant in Rome

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the gambling priest stands in the morning fog/red moon hangs in the sky/the army of seven houses marches over the hill

An Exile among Butterflies

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There's nothing left of me