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A Few Good Band Names

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Auto and the Grease-Pits Sugar Cube Full Frontal The Holy Grill Crazy Al and the Squirrels Talk Is Cheap Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cold Zippers Destiny Howl Epiphany Critter Cold Kneecaps Crepes Pulled Pork Baby Seals and the Club

A Despair So Dark

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It all started before the fire.

Three Short Pieces

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#spotify / Elevators / Sky Burial Monologue


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Not many people like Geminis.


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[組成] Sosei is Starmyu fan-fiction, which takes place a decade and so after Starmyu first season. Dorian Tsukigami (15) is a boy determined to succeed within Ayanagi's Composition Department by the power of his own musicality.

Moon in Water

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Even music relies on what/ you know as music/ for its power to enthrall.

15 Minutes of Sordid Fame, Stretched to Infinity: Introducing My Net Stalker, Uri Tenpo (creative non-fiction)

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"Warhol promised us all 15 minutes of fame. Thanks to M., I can feel famous on an almost weekly basis. How wonderful!"