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Chest Bump Bass Detroit

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son a superfly/alligator shoe clad/networking man/working a beeper and flip phone/twisting blueberry spliffs/on ma's porch

The Art Film

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I began to suspect I was living in an art film as I stood in line at the DMV.

The Water Tower

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I was overly dramatic, that was my problem. Her parents, I'd have to shoot them.Point blank range.It was colder at the top of the water tower than I would have guessed from the ground. The wind was different up there. I liked it though. I've always felt better suited for…

Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Music can be said/ to make it audible

Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Music can be said/ to make it audible

You Can Remain Anonymous

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a poem about an abduction in my NYC neighborhood

This Is A Warning

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Walking home, carrying his guitar case, Jed felt the sums of his life adding up to dangerously high numbers, the deadly inertia of vaguely comfortable apathy swallowing his time. His moment would soon be fading. Because, like many young men before him, Jed…

The Old Man

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The old man tied his black tie and put on a black beret. His bones hurt, but at ninety-two it was to be expected.

Throwing Pencils

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I can never tell if he’s drunk or using some sort of substance or if perhaps his brain just doesn’t fire at the pace that we have come to accept as normal.


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I've been drowning since before they got there.

The Poem Sits at Home and Envies as It Celebrates Music

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Translation’s not required—music/ sings itself complete and comprehensible

Physical Mementos

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ong after song. Note after note. Swig after swig. The set comes to an end. There is a collective sigh of relief that no more energy need be expended and one of disappointment that the night is coming to a conclusion.


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We’re going to talk about our future like the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. Like there are 40 great songs this week about our future.

The Other Purpose of a Raincoat

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How long does it take to know someone?

Born to Lose

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this ugly thing everyone calls love