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Our Previous Lives - song

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When I arrived in heaven Calling out your name Running just on vapor Leaving my old flames I thought I saw you singing Dripping from all sides Crying like a rainbow Reliving our old lives

Practicing Angel - song

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I thought I saw you once When you were still quite young Surveying great beauty Like a rain shower in the sun And I can still hear them nearby Those sharp voices of our youth Shouting with pleasure in the fields While looking at the sky

Guess I'm Finally Over You - song

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All this broken glass in the road Tells the longest story l have ever told Of how you lost your life and I my love And how you still go wandering above I don't know how I can return To the planet where we used to thrive Along this broken

Song In the American Soul - song

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Through the lonely night All the roads are breathing While somewhere on the road The American soul lies bleeding The past is all in yellow The future’s all in blue While living in the moment Has lost its rosy hue

Dances With Anyone - song

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Dances with anyone That is her name Cause she dances with anyone And she is to blame My cheating ways Never saw the light of day Until she came into my life Now she’s gonna have to pay Yes, she dances with anyone She dances with th

Song: Nope, music by Tim Young, lyrics by Jerry Ratch

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No Good Hubcaps - song

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I got no good hubcaps My van is up on bricks It's held together with duct tape And a couple of crummy sticks I caught the guy who did this And tied him to a tree I kicked him in the windpipe And kicked him in the knee I'm a man witho

John Bonham

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There is an empty space, between every note in rock 'n' roll, where they have buried John Bonham,

The Masquerade

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Atlanta, 1990The night we almost died,crushed at a one-hit wonder concert,comes back to mewhen the club announces it's closing.An ancient excelsior millturned industrial dance hall,I spent three years mapping every dark corner, finding secret places for sex and…

Band Names

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Post No Bills. The Crouton Mavens. United Burglars Union. Crockpot Mistakes. The Heavy Doors. Fire In the Yurt. Douche Baguettes. Upsy-Daisey. Schmazelhood. Sidetrackia. Flotsam and Jetsam. Argyle Sox. Roachmobile. The Adulterer’

Mo Band Names

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Her Majesty’s Glasses Umbilical Chord Linger Finger Okay Inkjet The Dragon Flies Horny Free Spirit Good Footnote Buttery Clams You’reUp Empty Bladder Star Butter Karmic Impulse Mr. On-the-Ve

yet mo bands

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Doofus National Puppet Radio Total Bogascity Sex Cowards Mein Kampfire Boner Hyperventilate Sewer Video Rats Psychic Umbrella Fire Your Psychic! Tender Brisket Megatrouser Puzzlement University Housecoats Fuchsia Big Ass Dawn

Still Mo Bands

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Cliffhanger Notes Sexpot Bunched Panties Cereal Killer Hello Kitty Litter Canoodle Named Anonymous Clock The Lizard of Oz Luke Warm and the Cold Zippers Megaschnauzer Truffle-Snuffers Pork-Pie Hats Helium Chipmunks Tender Is


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We gig, we perform, we laugh, we cry, we play our guitars, bass, drums, voice.

Band Names up the ...

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Sugar Cube Full Frontal The Holy Grill Crazy Al and the Squirrels Talk Is Cheap Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cold Zippers Destiny Howl Epiphany Critter Cold Kneecaps Crepes Pulled Pork Baby Seals and the Club Lucky Marmot Road Rage