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But these were seconds or minutes in a life of struggle and failure.


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When I was miranda and my mother Rose, ours was a skinless intimacy. miranda in Rose's womb, captured in an essence of love, anger, frustration, fear, the overwhelming stress of Rose's life heavy syrup that kept the bond between spirit and body weak and

Cocoa Instead

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While waiting for the water to boil she formulated an excuse that the Saitos would be forced to accept as to why she must drop Isuko as a student. Suddenly the kettle sung out like a soprano, desperate to be silenced.

Five Million Yen: Chapter 21

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Some friends of mine took him for a ride out to Broad Channel, you know that enclave of crazies that live in houses on stilts on the island in Jamaica Bay on Cross Bay Boulevard. He might find that when the tide comes in, the water might be a little deepe

Honorary Shaman

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The Strummer on my page thrashes his guitar in the back seat of a cherry red Cadillac convertible


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We are, in fact, a pack of dogs. Our ensemble was formed by chance. We did not choose to be put together in this dingy backyard. It is no kind of conservatory.

A Singer's Last Words to the Pianist

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This is not my death.

The tuner

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yielding wood song

The Last Time I Saw Jackson

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The last time I saw Jackson, I didn’t write down the set list. This time I didn’t write down the set list, either.

Listening Room Night

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The surroundings, he thought, are just as important as what's surrounded.

The Short Life Of Shapes On Sun-Kissed Eyelids

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She sees Connick Jr. now has a microphone. He is singing “All of Me” as if he meant her to take all of him.

Denise Santalucia

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She had a way about her now, like she couldn't help herself. I like that in a person, however it presents itself. Her long black hair was soaked and the water rolled off her, a hot pink dress clung to her body and I could see her nipples.

Make Music, Not Love

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We are/no more than heartbeats on repeat.

A Philadelphia Story

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In the summer of 1963 I went to Philadelphia to study with a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Never Let Me Go

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I say no by saying nothing.