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Falling Horse, Stack of Demons

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No one has ever hurt a woman who is swinging a hammer and singing.

Lines with Billie Holiday

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It is almost as if there isn’t a wedge of wood between us – I can feel him inches away from me. I can’t control the sigh or the tears that escape my body.

Indirectly Found Jesus

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had half my head shaved like I lost a bet.


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Tonight’s concert was called Desert.

Trombones and Figs

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“What are you doing, Maestro?"

What’s the Dark Matter Doing to Us in the Dark?

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Will it// scare us shitless when we can finally/ draw ourselves a likeness of it?

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 2

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Independence Day was a Thursday. Frank had been invited to join some Yale Art School classmates in Vermont for a three-day bacchanalia.

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 3

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It was like watching one of those vintage eighteen-frames-per-second films of someone trying to open a stuck umbrella.

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 11

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Michiko never telephoned Frank from Washington or Chicago.

YetMo Bands

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Spam Folder Skid Marks Pork-Pie Hats Cold Feet Flashing Monkeys Nosey Illinois Warm Zippers Stiff Nipples Childproof Chewing Gum These were the bands that were there at the mega concert Inner Child Recent Pork Beef Libr

Shut Up and Dance or "Greensleeves", In Its Way, Was Once a Pop Song

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The catchy tune and cloying lyrics/ nonetheless etch their patterns

An Orphan of Fire

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I break your flesh and make music on the harp of your bones.

Cork—July Morning

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Salmon and hake stare wall-eyed from an icy bed. The Turkish coffee seller makes thick lattes for €2.00

Brú na Bóinne—July Afternoon

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St. Brigid’s Crosses go for €7 a shot. Inside the passage grave the walls are tight.

Stephen’s Green—False Summer 2015

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The famine memorial is ignored by passers by and in a far corner a colorful Oscar Wilde is recumbent on a boulder.