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I let go of my properties, my work.


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... reason never lies...

Going Commando

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I have the fear of comedy I have the laughter of war I have the need of a commando To come sack and ransack us Over and over again, O I am a pillow, a rock, an ant A soft Southern deer in the headlights I have the mask of Anonymity Lyi

Quantum Quandary

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I love the notion of uncertainty-/ which seems inherent/ at the level of particles-

Sonnet 8

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I met a girl with chia as her hairVerdant green waves from ear to stunning ear.So blew, without care, the wendigo air And I, a righteous knave, bought her a beer.I looked into her eyes of deep-set brownand said “hey baby, you some chthonicfertility goddess…

The Ring of Harvest

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Lena stood next to the river. How she arrived there she couldn't say. An unconscious move on the fringes of her reality. A bulrush plant was stalking up. She felt being stared at by it. She could see two holes for eyes in its spike. Some years back, she would have …

Jackie Kennedy, Marge Simpson & Longevity: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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The title of the overdue book returned to a public library in San Francisco 100 years after it had been checked out? Forty Minutes Late.(Readers Digest, 04/17)In 1999, Kathy McKeon, Jackie Kennedy's former assistant, went to a Halloween party dressed in a Marge Simpson…

Edju - Staves 20 and 21

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20. On the other side of the bridge the yellow man under the red umbrella sells buckets of grease. Somehow I have money to buy one. I must have forgotten which pocket it was in before. Or the haze that clouded my mind on the…

The Economics of First Wives

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"The capital cycle is a bit like a first wife,” he said, and he heard a few laughs of surprise at the curious transition. "When you re-invest in a second wife, you're held back by sunk costs in the first one."

The Jade Dragon

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FUN MOVIE TRAILER: 41 members of my family participated in a movie I co-wrote and shot with my wife. Have a look!:'s the 64 minute film-noir-style…

two square verse notes for Mr. S.

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mind heart soul will blood sweat tears muscle, and bone,/and then always something else—not more, just else . . .


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You anchor the real You make love to the true I am bound to you in consecration

Zombies to Mars

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Perseid meteors fly past their ship like cosmic fire-wasps.

Eskimos Happened to Come Wandering By

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Meet Carl. He's six-three, two hundred and thirty pounds. He has light-brown hair,…

Europa Sonnets (A work in progress 1-4)

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1. So this is how the Western world ends, with a shrug:Great lanes extinguished of the lamps that yearned Once for tomorrows turnstiled as agog We watch you, Paris, long rejected, burned- If without flame from exiled …

Dove call

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ooweww kooo koo kooo

Colonized Mike, Ch. 2: ALLERGIC TO SPINE

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My secretary'll tape them up and pay for it out of petty cash, he thought, feeling better, his panic subsiding by a peg.


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They think Van Gogh heard music when he looked at his starry nights. Working at a Bingo parlor, you get to believing in a one-in-a-million shot just as much as you doubt the rarity of a sure thing. I only worked part time at the bingo parlor because I ne

I Heard You Like the Back Seat Too, Honey: Song

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They met at a bar They didn’t get far They went to her car Then back to the bar He played guitar She was a rock star They met at a bar They didn’t get far Well, I heard you liked the back seat too, Honey I heard that you liked to h

When Spectacle Replaces Ritual,

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The aisle, nave and/ transept twist themselves/ into an auditorium.

Sonnet 7

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My fatherIt is swiftly approaching Father's day And for years I haven't been a model son.I've hung up on you, questioned your DNA.In epochs of anger our words held noneof the insight, pathos, or commonsensewe should have shared. I thought in fallacythat knowing…

The Pheasant

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Times they were a blazing, the Pheasant met God in Piccadilly meadows

The 19th of Edju

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19. The river remembers the rain. Its memory complete with the scent of flowers from a hundred years before. But the reverie has limits. It does not recall my footsteps. It does not recall the sentient days of snowmelt and…

Sonnets III-VI (The Ishtar Sonnets)

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With porc’lain hand she writes thy thankless verse/ Like Proserpina, strapped to eb’ny throne,/ Eternally paying the six-month purse/ For hunger once soothed with but seeds alone.

exile on and off the road

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had I gotten home without knowing it? well . . .

California Series #101

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Saying this work is reminiscent of Diebenkorn or Thiebaud is a false statement on my partfor whom am I to say if the colors capture the sea in Ocean Park and the thick brush strokes against the milky thighs are the Streets of San Francisco…

All Dogs Are Needy

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I know she's a dog person, as she owns one. “No, my asshole ex-boyfriend wanted one and then he left me with it.” she admits, then adds, “I don't even like dogs. All dogs are needy.”

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.4

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Alysia stretched her left hand out at Kurai, and the electricity connected with her fingertips like beacon.

Denis Johnson

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How strangely perfect it is To see this man memorializedAn author, so I'll always cheerThough I haven't yet read his worksA secret perhaps best keptThe shame of an English major, the shame of a friendHow strangely perfect it is To read even the names paying…

My Aunty Jill’s Treasure

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The day Aunty Jill passed away I knew I had tasks to perform. To begin with I was granted guardianship of her cat, Tippi. I took her home and slowly got her used to my, yet unknown to her, hands and voice. Secondly, in my aunty's old home was an antique wardrobe. It …