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The oranges are dreaming

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The oranges are dreaming that they have turned to apples.


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Trigger warning: casualties of war.

Things You Should Know, By Heart, If You Must

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The light is always on in reality The Gelatinous Mass is not something made up By the Catholic Church And even though a small deer may have come to the side of the road once To lick the salt from your wounds There will definitely be cheap fish

A Good Man Is Hard To Find. But What About A Good Dog?

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I recently discovered that the man I'd loved and trusted for twenty years had a secret girlfriend on the side for the past decade. We've parted ways and I'm trying to go on with my life. At about the same time, my friend Judy lost her beloved elderly dog after…

Guinness for Iron

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My sister / craves raisons

A Monologue About Skyscrapers

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Everyday the buildings seem to be getting taller and taller.

Robin Eggs

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"The sheriff's mother-in-law made the smoothest 'shine in the county."

Marcel Unchained

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Street mime in white face and white gloves, trapped in invisible box. Tip jar empty. Marcel's solo-dancing the tango now, teeth clenching ephemeral rose. Passersby pass him by.


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Steve lowers himself onto a lounge chair and lets out a long, overdue sigh. Cliff and Jim, the frickin’ and frackin’ of the built-in pool industry, are making a Burger Chef run while the cement sets.

Texas Spleen

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Can we survive our Y chromosome?

A Quiz Show Audition

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However could anyone get Joyce scholarship mixed up with physical anthropology?

It's. Alive.

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They were all awash and trembling.


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The young boy sat on the swing, hearing sirens in the distance. The tops of his shoes were dirty. His fingers as well, where he drew stick figures of people in the dirt. His…

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.2

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Polo observed Madam Mayweather’s demeanor. The concern in her eyes for the students and faculty under attack by the Nocturne.

From This Distance

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Yes, I can imagine it now/ how we could each disappear completely/ connected only through memory's fault lines/

Blood on Her Hands

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Only blood I got on me was pulling him over onto my seat when I got out.


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Wake up, stretch. Check the curtained windows for sunlight or that dreaded grey frame that forces the covers to come back up and the alarm clock to be set to ‘Snooze’.

The Man Who Couldn't Move

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Without warning his eyes expertly navigated into a closed position setting off the dream machine long without power until this very second.

Small Boat Row

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The princess knew exactly where to find the annoying gurgling frog of her childhood, but she wasn't wearing the right shoes to step onto lily pads with, so she decided there and then to take a stolen boat out onto that soft mission, all by herself instead. It was a…

Advice to the Lovelorn

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If you value your privacy Do not date a writer. If you have secrets Do not date a writer. If you want to sneak around Do not date a writer. If you want to lie your head off Do not date a writer. If you want to see &…

Karma Wash, Hog Wash, and Swill

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The beer on the shore is Lapping at the foam of memory And I can’t sit still Until I take my pill Karma Wash, Hog Wash and Swill I went to the top of the heap At the bottom of the Hill I saw a bum’s sign that read: “Will eat dog food for

Spiced Nuts

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There are lines// across time, beyond the tug/ of elections and fashion,/ beyond the turbulence of history

The most tender thing

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Somehow, I have your body, but you’ve gone missing.

tears, et cetera

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ghosts are local plagues/of unexpended grief—tears/can't be bodiless.

How to Listen

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Day One

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I lounged in my captain’s chair growing a beard. Things continued in this way and then the president called.He wanted to know the meaning of virtue.

The Prom Queen and the Quarterback

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Friday night, a bar downtown, beneath the swirling dots of disco lights, seated at a table by the door, I come across a Cheerleader from my high school days, having a Martini with the Quarterback she married. Even in forgiving light, …


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I can see her through the pock marked stucco ceiling

'Murder' is Just a Word.

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I didn't know where he got *that* from. It seemed oddly damning.

What He Knows What She Knows What You Know

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next time i come around i want to be a redwood.