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Without You

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Honoring Heritage

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salmon sits gentler on my palate

Junctions / Decisions

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Next to you, the mother tightens her grip on her stroller. The young teenager tears her gaze from her mobile phone for an instant.

Daily Living

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When we are given eternity, as a night is eternal

If Only it Were So

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In the moment I crinkle the aluminum foil, The sandwich now a deeper Part of me

A Rejected Bone

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I offered you a piece of prose. You tell me it's just a bone. You say you're not impressed, you want nerves, muscles, flesh and ... It's solid, I retort, slick, shapely, ivoried. True, it's chipped, cracked and gnawed. Why is it so? you ask. …


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It's been almost two years since I bought it.


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Colonized Mike looked up. He had to. Someone'd called his name. It's what he'd always liked about dogs, and what he'd strived to emulate.

My Own Gun

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“What's a slut?”

The Last Beach Heather

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She moved to a garret on the back side of Beacon Hill where the sun seemed never to shine, while he moved to the sunny side of the street in the Back Bay.

The River and the Fallen

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We are cared-for – not as well cared-for as our compatriots in the north, but we eat. We have roofs – or at least ceilings – over our heads. Our children are even educated, though only a few are able to be plucked from us and elevated to one of the employ


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May the Glad Inherit

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All creatures know death at their very core, a tacit default--


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The precarious wobble of the space station Wernher von Braun was conspicuous even to the crew of the rescue vessel as their ship made its slow and cautious advance. On his final approach, pilot Gobind Vajra killed the engines and hit the retro…

Larger Than Life

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She told me one way to deal with it would be to put everything in a box and burn it.

waves at least this tall

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the mountains did change/became looming purplish waves/their spray washes us/we rinse slow 'neath lifted waves/that must be at least this tall.

The City's Not For You

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You left your quiet life for a home in the city.

Harvesting Sunflowers

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While you are gone,I harvest sunflowers.It used to be the same day everday. I was stuck in the Midwestas the seasonschanged and the wind blewas twirly birds fell on my head.I let the weedsgrow long and hardbreaking throughthe chainlink…

The Fetishist

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Sex is a fetish war -- a battle of trinkets of desire

The Nightingale

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Still, it was only morning.


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He wasn't sure if I was joking.

The Dry World

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drunkards indulge, addicts abuse

Life Apart

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Practice has perfected disengagement.

Please Help Support My Attempts at Being Funny

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You can tell your doctor the truth Even if no one else will stop and listen He or she may have a balm for it To help make it go away Or at least go into remission Remission is the staging area for Lies Corporate and otherwise We don’t have

Making Love- Circa Y2K

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I want to ask him why not now, right here on the living room floor when Rosie is out for the day. Instead, I suggest Sunday afternoon. I can make grilled cheese sandwiches and we'll eat them on the veranda. I'll take off my tennis skirt and unbutton my...

Elvis, Mosquitoes & Marilyn Monroe -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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People usually take fonts for granted.

Unkilled Jeff

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"Oh — what is this 'work' thing the philosophers speak of" sort of thing. ¶ He's honestly curious, from his point of view.


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Today the color of the skyremakes my heart into somethingless willing to break, or to judge,and I am thankful for it. Acolor not unlike walking chestdeep in the ocean and seekingbeautiful clouds and thinking Iwill be back. Dreaming with the sky.Please stop lying to me. A…

On Being, Dasein, and Heidegger

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We were at a friend’s house warming party, and Wendy lounged about with a suspicious smoke between her fingers beside me, after a while saying, “What is Being, anyway?”

In Training

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"I never had malt liquor.” “You’re gonna have some tonight—unless you’re a pussy.”