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Bad Clean Fun

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It was cold and clammy, but then it got worse. Far worse. Any opportunity to celebrate the unity and harmony of tolerance was soon cancelled.


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When I stopped drinking,the desire to write poems was gone.Remember this to be true.The black dog still waits in the distancenot far from the fence.I watch it and open the sliding windowsto let the winter air run amuck through my kitchen doorengulfing me with…

Speculation on the Quantum Mechanism of Death

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With whatever else physicists may learn . . . perhaps they will begin to see that the connections between the physical world and non-physical domains of existence have an explanatory power which has only barely been considered.

Sounds Came & Went

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"...regurgitating double A's all akimbo."

They Didn't Love Their Daughter.

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“But he's going to the University of Chicago!” “I know.” …


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Legitimacy is vorbei.

Tinnitus Story

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I went to see an audiologist this afternoon. He specialized in tinnitus. Good news for me. I've been plagued with tinnitus for 55 years. It started the morning after a catastrophic experience with LSD. It was there when I awoke in a padded room in a hospital in San José,…

In the Sun

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The light was bright andthey sat on the railing of the long wooden bridge in the sun. She looked up at her father."Oh Daddy, where did you go?" she asked.He was young with black shinny hair blowing in the wind. "To Heaven, little girl,"She shook her head."What's…

Sisyphus takes the day off

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what-ta-hell, fuck this/he snorts brushing/ the dust from his shoulders

Words of Departure

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Not a fuss, not a stink, The eulogy, deep, will make one think, Grandmother, sat in back, will wink

The lyre bird

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When silence makes his way next to me on the narrow path, I let his arm brush mine, and I stop singing with the birds. So, in the vast forest filled with songs and rustling, silence and I follow our path to the edge. Two tranquil strollers, meditating on the ancient voices…


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night sounds

the night envelops me

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and light bleeds into the darkness

Left to our own Dvices

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No one knew why DVices were so hard to find. No one knows for sure anyway.

Tangled Up in Glue

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Shhhh, my husband is trying to write...

August and After Haiku

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The brown grackle chirps/ as she chomps a plump cricket-/ melodious meal.


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I'm in a pediatric emergency roomThere are teenagers who don't want to liveAnd babies who won'tBecause viruses still spread and people won't learnThe election results are coming inAnd somehowFucking somehowUnderqualified, overly bigoted politicians still winUnder the banner…

Being Generic.

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"Why bother?" Her companion muttered something not dissimilar.

Automatically Writ between Meals

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The misspent effort reposed spontaneously, a prank worth ending with the dog letter: “GrrrrrrrR!”

Xmas Story

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The conspicuous police car was conspicuously just ahead.

The Pataphysical Tourist

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We all get in a carriage of tin and volcanic glass and go a-touring. We had quite an itinerary to fulfill, all of it loosely applied to the principle of serendipity. We toured Luxembourg and tossed pretzels to the bankers who did tricks for us, somersaults and complex…

No Wind

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The candle was near the windowsill.It smelled like the musk my father used to spray before he went awayto work.Oh father, I remember you,your chocolate brown eyes,would watch the sunrisebefore breakfast;serious- so serious and waiting for something that…

Van Gogh’s Ear

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A drunken evening, both men soused and twitchy. An argument ensues with Yellow House roommate Paul Gauguin. The two dissing each other’s work like clicking beetles

The Morning

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Dawn is spreading its pink and blue colours over the morning. Pleasant hues, with children playing and birds chattering. A light morning, without commitments, without waves, open to promises. Mornings don't speak our language and don't make the same gestures. They speak a…

The Welder

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For a man with a poor command of English, he managed to describe his recent redundancy with aplomb. “One week, everything perfect; the next week –” He mimicked a noose being fixed around his neck and I sat and watched his eyes bulge.

the wrap

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a whisper of wind

In the Woods II

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The neighbor was a little woman...

The Vote

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God had decided to resign. Not even two weeks notice. He just resigned. Point blank.

Cambridge Vignettes (from the 1960s)

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I wanted none of her. But also that day I had just finished The Story of 0., and my mind was full of sadistic whimsies and the mood of anythingness that the book instills: the pound of fleshness. Anyway, I sneered at her and told her she bored me, and sat

My First Winter in Massachusetts

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My first winter in Massachusetts feels medieval: cold, dark, and endless.