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And she's dying like someone who's tried living and failed.

Liking in "The Scarlet Letter"

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like the dome of an immense lamp like blades of grass at the sweep of the scythe like a line of cliffs against a tempestuous tide

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.3

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Oryn led Ragnorak to a window. It was darkened in the corners with only a red light over the Nocturne.

Pull Another String

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Now as my fearful hand goes unwittingly up I search the faraway trees for the closest possible answer I know I don't know. The clever waiting beast is looking my way with an intelligent roving eye that says he likes to hit. It doesn't matter. You're worse…

Perhaps No One Is Immune to Memory Distortion

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an undercurrent of fear is running through my community

Dog Years

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Already my back aches

Mel Brooks Eats Crispy Bacon

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Gorillas with Picassos form charcoal memories Van Gogh leaves his legacy in forgotten fields Astrologers approach the sea of false jealousies And Mel Brooks eats crispy bacon


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It was on the Fake News today, Oh boy They built a bridge from Alaska to Siberia Called the Bridge Over Troubled Waters Instead of a wall And Putin came riding bareback on a pink unicorn Into the White House and renamed it The White Horse,


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I wonder how many crumbs he can drop to make a cookie, whole, so I can relax a little and throw out the self help books about how I'm not right in the motherfucking head,

The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.

Seven Haiku for Sad and Scary Times

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The Cheshire grinning/ moon cups itself to capture/ Venus should she fall.

Not Lao-tzu's Yellow Brick Road, i - xvi

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the Way that can be mapped leads nowhere.

Another Poem About the Moon

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And us, like a giant eye looking back, plotting

TV's Where It's At.

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So much of daily life in that house entailed keeping your mouth shut out of *guilt*.


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A tiny story, 55 words, just enough to fit on a . . .

from Tsalmaveth

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Anastomose my veins to / yours so we may / share // a dream pooled between us

Moon collar

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I don't think dogs like to die with the pack. The smell of them rotting brings trouble in the wild,

The Angel Closes the Rain

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I may have gone A little soft in the brain But I swear I still see it The angel closes the rain Even God has to refrain From causing us pain When the angel closes the rain So the angel closes the rain At the end of time The angel mus

Micromanaged Truth

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Let your father stay through that dinner when his mistress needed him, while your mother was on the verge.


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It was a lover’s dark. They had been talking for hours when daylight lost interest and had gone elsewhere for sport.

Fear the Future: 25 Brief Tales in Various Keys of Woe, Fear, and Loathing

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The three were up early to await the deer with rifles, ammunition, and coffee.

Cattle Crossing

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"You wantin' one of them kittens? If we can't give 'em away we're gonna drown 'em. We got too many."

juvenile haiku

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leaves of a season/float into a brook among/bubbles fit to burst.

Thumbing For a Ride

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Here comes my speed dealer he's riding shotgun in the open

Froggy Went A-Picketin'

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Feb 8

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Call it a spell or a prayer or a ritual; it worked.

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

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Liz spied the box of Kleenex right away. She sat down at the chair closest to the Kleenex.

Lover's Spat

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“You haven’t been listening, have you.”

The Next Landscape

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The day came shyly up to me like a rolling orange thing. Perhaps of alien origin, but not if the Buddha of our foolish hopeless dreamer inside has anything to say about it. It said, pick me up. I did. It looked like forever on the inviting horizon with trees as…