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He prided himself on being not menacing like a bear.

The dream diary of Anna Perez - page 63

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I came suddenly awake and the rain was beating a furious rhythm on the rooftops, like a thousand shaken tambourines, like a thousand angry mojaves.


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Scraping the baked on Bar B Q sauce from the grabbing ends of the stainless steel tongs has my total attention.

The Year of the Horse

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“She's the year of the horse,” Metri said as he peeled his dirty head from the bed, his hair was as matted as a racoon tale. It was as wild as a wild animal and smelled like body odor with a hint of blood. He slid his scabbed hands up to his chest as if to…

I Hung My Head

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I hung my head the day my eighth grade math teacher told me I wouldn't amount to anything, and not long after that I dropped out of school because nobody was going to miss a kid like me who wasn't good at math or anything else they tried to teach. I hung my head a couple of…


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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...

A Most Uncertain Fiction

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It is equally likely that just as the rate of melt continues, the rate of melt will also continue to accelerate.


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A riot of greens

Your party invitation just arrived (guest poem by Carolyn Martin)

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"I’d rather move a word around a page than raise a glass or pass a plate or work a room immune to poetry."

Return to the Nudist Camp

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I know you probably don’t want to hear any more of this nudist stuff about my family and all, but this Reamer guy was a red-faced German boozehound if there ever was one. He married my brother’s ex-wife Beryl, after Harris left her to her cheap red jug wi

Cardboard Cemetery

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their hollow voices cry out to not be forgotten

From the Plague Year 2020 Part 2

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So today was basically mellow. The blue jays argued over who would bathe first in my fountain. When a squirrel showed up, the birds left, but the doves took their place. Our local woodpecker, apparently recovered from a day long headbanging session, returned to the…


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Molly stared at the woman behind the desk with a headset attached to her head, and sighed.

The Young Woman Swimming

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She stepped inlike ice alonecould save hershe dived,slicing the wavewith her body her fresh pony tailsubmergedlike a silk scarfthen swam moving thewater awaylike whirlpoolscould hold her buoyantly save her from the headachewhispering wordsThey had been there all…

Ace Reporter

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God, how I smite them.


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The snapdragon has now achieved absolute resonance, the gateways on either side are fully opened wide with beautiful iridescent curtains billowing out in high frequency spectrum waves producing a very pleasant ecstatic effect within observer's sensory app

You May Be

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beautiful, but you don't own beauty. You may be sexy, but you don't own desire. You may be smart, but you don't own wisdom. You may be good and kind, but you don't own love. You may like trees, but you don't own the forest. You may like to…

Conversations with my brother

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Maybe it takes as much fortitude To forget As it does To remember.

late winter light

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curled in

Thank God It's Friday!

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It was only a dream. No one died, nor were they even harmed. So horrifying!


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elton wrings the melody from the words into the silent but pulsing air

Cognitive Patterns Somewhere on the Borders of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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At least the cephalopods on their planet manage to comport themselves with some dignity, as well as demonstrating some actual intellectual acumen.


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Nothing new this numbing year 'til now-/ a forced recovery of voice through// recollection of the catalogue of regrets,/ disappointments, and the long collapse

Intentional Households

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Bradley turns out to be a walking red flag. He approaches as I unload the U-Haul and says, "Hi, I'm Bradley. I'm not very modest so you might see me from time to time in various stages of undress." Bradley is the last man on Earth I wish to see undressed.


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aquatic, free-swimming or earth-bound

Picking Strawberries

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Underneath the fence she picked strawberriesThey were nickle sizedand some were red, some were green and some with a littleof both/in between They came up from the ground in little patchesand sweetness could be smelled on the windAs the cloud cover came…

Little Red Riding Hood, The Woodcutter, Grandma, and The Big Bad Wolf: Their Ongoing True Story

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Grim though it be Little Red Riding Hood and The Woodcutter, with his hewing axe, eviscerate and skin the Big Bad Wolf, thus rescuing sickly Grandma. Grandma’s a bit worse for the wear after her couple of hours in Big Bad’s overstuffed stomach. But she cl

When You Love Someone

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you set the world in motion. When you lovesomeone you reset everything to now. When you love someone you forgive the world. Everything is possible. When you love someone it is time to go on home. When you love someone you're reborn as someone else…

More news, another fugue...

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...he'd made a regrettable deal for Monkeydick long long ago, and the pain was deep, and it never went away.

Love, your daughter

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You gave me all of the power, and none of the power.