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My lair entrapped in an accordion building - sound squeezing up and then down and then up - the flat above me vacant for a while. Then... clipclop...…

Napomo 17: April 25 - 30

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As air warms and warm/ winds stir, green becomes the force/ that surges the plains.

Part Four: Sophomore Year

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She would not realize that people really only lie out of fear and you aren’t afraid of her anymore.

Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and A Nice Hot Bath: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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Actress Rita Moreno wakes up humming.People (5/1/17)Riding a roller coaster with your partner makes you more attractive to each other. People (5/1/17)The image on the commemorative stamp the Central African Republic recently issued to honor film legend Marilyn Monroe…


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Dressed as an English professor on Halloween I escape the red devil and run downtown. I go to the Art Car hangar I dance, I swing my golden brown briefcase

"Happy Birthday Marty"

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The bum had abandoned More than half of his rich Chocolate cake In the bottom of the shopping cart The wording on the top of the cake read "Happy Birthday Doug" But it also read "From Doug" Either he was too full To eat his own words

MY DICK IS SO HARD FOR JESUS! by Christofascist Jones

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Edju - 11 and 12 (first barrel done)

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11. I am desperate. All the images in my head are childish. Brutes and cartoons. Nothing of merit. No meat at all. Silly games. Bad clothes. Worn shoes. The summer heat of…

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.2

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Megumi turned to the night sky. The moon was brighter than she ever saw. The argument got louder as her smile shrunk into sadness.

God's Personal Microphones

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This is my melody. I will not shut it down for you, it will do that all on its own. Everyone knows this. I don't need to go on holiday. You can't really get away from yourself. This is my color. It goes with the everything I am. I'm not sorry I grew past…


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i am two / one part me / another part them


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Kasper and I are smashing fluorescent light tubes on the ground behind the Dollar Tree, swinging them down like apes with clubs, the world itself our victim. We found the fluorescents sticking out from the store's dumpster, then a handful of large, industrial bulbs which we…

Anaphora is a Floral Arrangement

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After the conflict I saw changes in the postwar Libertines who once lionised the Poet and thrilled and thrummed in high hysteria when he graced their prewar soirees. Matrona of Culture - who doted on a pet eccentric, who viewed the face…


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There was Mervin ... his eyesight was down to a quarter due to diabetes. When he looked at me, I could see small amber grains in his eyes. He would stare and frown until he'd caught me in his field of vision, then his face would light up and the frowns would smooth…

Fragment from an Unwritten Diary

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It's not stories the quiet lack, but inclination...

Peter's Office

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This is Peter’s office. The room is small, and the wood paneling is painted white. Light colors, Peter has been told, make a room appear larger.


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There’s not enough time because we come back to the things we never learn and forget them.

The Way It Crumbles

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“Got your Nine?” Cheese asked. Twist nodded. “Keep it tucked inside…

Napomo 17: April 19 – 24

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There are no inspirations./ There are only the things I like/ and the much more numerous// things I do not like.

I Just Got Some Yahoo

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Speaking was like lifting a giant rock; she parsed it out to a couple-few phrases, to avoid becoming overtired.

10th Stave of Edju and the first barrel is almost done.

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10. he is hot to warm in the neck. instant he goes into the fog. oars crack glass and reveal the wet. far he goes, not far enough. I row for hours. The landmarks on either side of the river obliterated by the steam.…

Metro Retrofitting

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Fax me back to South Street listening to the dumpster / trumpeter, standing like licorice in the rain, / as the fetid officers assemble for the raid

even from the moon

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even from the moon our planet’s truth has not been seen.

James Dean

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The woman lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bed, crossing one leg over the other. She took a long drag, tilted her head back, paused. Her eyes flicked to the NO…

The Day Nixon Died

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"I remember thinking, 'Good.'

On an Iceberg of Words

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She cut me adrift On an iceberg of words And words melt As you know Looks like we may have Gone out on the limb A little too far without A toe-hold on Reality Doesn’t it? But I saw the headlines: Cows Bound for Slaughterhouse Make

How To Train Mules

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“Mules don’t like to dive, Esther.” “I said maybe, Hugh. Maybe.”

Part Two: The High School You Didn't Attend

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Most people who homeschool or unschool their kids are in one of two camps: hippies or religious zealots. Your mother swung between the two categories many times during your childhood. You remember her telling you things like “he won’t buy the cow if he g

Catching Mitt For Sadness

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He stops smiling and only says he loves me when prompted, as if asking me to pass the salt for his inner peace as it tastes too bland.


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What? Hey, man WTF???