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Sugar Desire

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I'm in the making. I'm being created. Quite heavy fingers are kneading me. They've mixed the flour, the butter, the milk, the raisins. No fanciful ingredients, just the traditional ones. Now they're working me, all ten of them. I'm being churned with warm fingers, and nails…

Latté plus

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Hurried, hassling suit in front of me is being awful to the barista. So she refuses to serve him, turning away.

The Autobiography of the Falsehoods Which Are Not Love

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he wound up hating the woman he betrayed in his heart for betraying him in her body

My Hillbilly's Got a Hole In It

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My hillbilly’s got a hole in it And I think I’m gonna die I swear you can see right through him Got a big hole in his side I think I pulled the trigger On the truth gun at my side Then it just got bigger It started getting wide He tried


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Maybe I need to do more push-ups, he thought irrationally. He was always worried about his weight and athleticness.


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I wake up with the taste of mud in my mouth. Ashy, sulfurous, charred, with traces of rotten shellfish.

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.5

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Alysia raised the staff over the huddle and together everyone created a barrier. The wind blew past them and the grey mist surrounded them.

Edju - 24 and 25

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24. Glass breaks. Wooden boards float by like swans. Men curse. Even women are wrestling each other to the ground. Someone runs past with a knife, stabbing anyone without cause or discrimination. Discrimination would make it…

the ethics of graffiti

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The Man Who Spoke of His Dreams

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There is nothing more tedious than a man who speaks to you of his dreams.

Jack-in-the-Box U-Haul

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“When I was six years old, Dad came home from Vietnam and picked me and Mama up from her sister's house in Boston. We packed a U-Haul with everything we owned from T.V. to toothbrush. Dad hitched the trailer to the Rambler and drove us South, back home to Carolina. A…

The World is Bigger

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It is best not to judge.

The Perplexed Follow Their Own Guidance, Merci

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The generalized mania and rage was for anything prior, the rare and the bygone, anything that might have been overlooked, anything that might otherwise have been forgotten for good and forever.


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Our painter was killed by a bunch of kids who were making fun of him. A gun went off. What is a noodle? He wasn't sitting in the world, anymore. Where was his straw hat? His pipe? He desperately needed to smoke. What is a noodle? Why are trees…

Sonnet 10

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We don't watch the Honored robin's newspeak address the silent worm legislature on C-SPAN or CNN every week.Raccoons, skunks, snails and bears I'd wagerdon't congress to Robert's Rules of Orderyet are not their debates bloodthirsty exchanges between…

Tawny Frogmouth

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The wildlife smuggler grabbed me while I was in winter torpor. He wrapped me in cloth, taped my wings down and put me in a pouch. We crossed the seas. In a new country he sold me to a bird collector. There I was in a cage, far from my…

I Knew Her Before She Was Kissy from Cadallaca, Even

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["Creed vs. discern" ... or ... "discern vs. creed"?]

He Sure Can Play Piano with Those Giant Lobster Hands

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He sure can play piano With those giant lobster hands In his ratty raccoon coat And his old black cowboy hat His boots of Spanish leather And face like sultry weather His raspy croaking voice Picking out the words so choice They reall

Death Is No Big Deal.

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The suite of dark rooms/ extends forever./ It’s no big deal.

Edju - Staves 22 and 23

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22. Men in white robes smiling. Innocent with their acolyte boys beside them. One to each man. White robes soon to be purple as the calendar changes. Blood red. But not the bright red of young blood, sealed off from the lost…

Sacrifices of Famished Promise Made to Apology

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when she says she's lonely he hands her last week's TV Guide

Europa Sonnets - 5-8

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5. To hate one's race is always overrated;We built fair cities where there were no huts.The Frankfurt School should all have been castrated,And strung up by a noose made of their guts.Marcuse, you have caused the death of Europe,With Gramsci, Adorno, Freud and all…

Moon Talk

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moonbeams unrecognized language steadies my course

Moondance (For Buddy)

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I used to dance the discos in Miami.Now I ride my bike down the blocks of the Midwest.I pass the good ole boy's house with the confederate flag.I look the other way to the playground with children playing.The sun is hitting my eyes and my photochromic lenses turn black.I…


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a big silent western sky


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Father, trouble me memory;laconic, idle, some glint on the dark. Recall us to me: what did we have, or what did we lose? Like some late affection, open me again, laugh it out of us. It is not loss I'm looking toput back together, papered over…

Sonnet VII

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Oh Triple-Crownéd who evades my sight,/ Guide me down proper crossroads in this life/ As you have promised to grant me your might/ And make of me eternity's fair wife.

an occultation casts a narrow silence

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we, no matter our accumulation date,/ will settle down into tidy piles, no doubt,/ after the universe has torn through the place . . .

The River Flows

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powerless against the memory of the earth-bank and the river flows, through a susurrus field of a million quills

(Platter of) Figs and Oranges Set to Music

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Lonely kids only want this thing To not be lonely. The lonely Kids have learned to be absolutely Still. Who does this fall to? They Haven't read enough Vonnegut? David Foster Wallace? Remote Kids stand and prepare to leave the Planet. Any…