Wacky at Work.

by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III

     Jon's a fag, and goes around lisping, and saying the same thing over and over: "My wife traded me in for a younger model ... my wife traded me in for a younger mod— "
     Nathan's a big, hulking guy, who gets angry very easily: "Why don't you talk??" he says, neglecting that he's talking himself, and ripping a magazine to shreds, the way people do bar napkins — you know what I mean! #nervousENERGY
     "Why not talk to Susan ... ??"  She says the name "Nathan," a lot.
      "Oh — her," he says, dropping the magazine, and becoming despondent.
      "I can't get hard for her.
      "She doesn't look like Xena: Warrior Princess!"

                                                            The End