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The gated community of Dos was named for one of Babbage’s landmark educational figures, Ms. Dos.

When Words Were First Born

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When words were first born They were like pure prayer I could see them in the sky And hear them whispering through your hair But now they’re like dreams That only sorrow owns We still need the sun We need to find Solace on the ground

Original Sin

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The sirens didn’t eat the sailors

Bloomington, September 2021

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The sun is setting.The leaves are rustling.Their shadow against a weeping willow.A dog's endless bark.A child runs barefoot against the lawn.A bird is chirping against the song of the cicadas.A red chimney in the horizon.No smoke.It is an Indian summer in Bloomington.I sit…

Apples and Oranges and Apples

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No one is going to find us. And even if they did it's just a play someone wrote with you in mind as the lead. No one is going to find us. I could have told you this but I didn't want to spoil your newfound fun. No one is going to find us. The funny…

it was just like in a movie, they said

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Yeah, sort of

Skull and Bones

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“Okay, so I'm lying naked in this coffin with my big dick out,” George W. Bush says. “Yes!” …

among American gods

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in dark recesses of this morgue of earth / where beauty of the good does not compel, / where evil's horrors seldom do repel— / Americ gods reign o'er from birth to birth.

Under the Night Sky

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wonder at all the things done without regard for you at all.

I'll find you - A Dedication to Mathew Paust

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Matt was among those rare creatures; an ideal kind of reader ...

A heart that is not broken...

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She'd had every reason to believe he'd be difficult, though he wasn't.


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The woman who lives on the first floor once loved dancing naked for her lovers.

Back Down Below

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Gotta be jumpin' gotta be hummin' some tune even when I'm alone I'm flirtin' with the moon (back down below)

Disappearing Ink

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Our ink was disappearing. All of it.

A Body Divided, 1

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"Polio?" people wondered. They asked: "Is that contagious?" Nobody knew. It was 1953. The epidemic raged on. Children in some towns were being made to stay indoors during the polio season for fear that the disease was airborne. It was putting an unnatura

The White Cloud

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Like a small meteorite, a white cloud falls. The journey seems to have been long since it cannot spring up again, its wings being exhausted. Like a scared and shivering bird, it curls into my hand. Its apparent fragility prevents me from tightening my grip. A unique…

Saturday's Heart

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day dreams, at last! Timetables colliding, time tables alarm clocks Sunday stew

a good ending

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It's twilight

This is

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nothing. But it could be something. I don't know. We'd probably have to agree on at least one thing for it to turn around. And face us. Then it would have to be named, set free. We could watch it fly away together. That's a portend to…

A Cloud of Words for Winter

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What I would say

Theory of the Firmament

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I admit that, on Twitter, I have been trying to annoy Glenn Greenwald so much that he blocks me.

God and Man at Yale

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“Well, of course I served in the CIA . . . everybody did, back then!” he says with a grin. “Two goddamn bloody well years . . . I was a regular Nayland Smith, I tell you. …

A Measure of How Far Behind We Are + Anecdotes from Recent Rambles

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[T]he Thwaites Glacier . . . still exists as of August 2021, though probably with at least five hundred and twenty fewer gigatons of ice mass than in August 2011.

I'm Going Either Way

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Will you join me kneeling in a Homegoods parking lot

Second Thoughts

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I caught sight of him standing near the nails.

Forever and a Day

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Just an abnormal visit to the post office.

The Next Best Thing to Dying

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Later, my daughter told me that she hadn't been scared because as I lay on the ground unconscious I continued to laugh, gradually relaxing into a big smile as I came around a minute later.


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In one of the cartoons I watched as a child, Popeye the Sailor gives Olive Oyl a bouquet of flowers. She is thrilled, he walks on air, thinking they will marry. His one-eyed heroism is soon challenged by Bluto however, who pours cement into Popeye's bath. It goes…


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“What the hell was that? Is that your take on The Deer Hunter?”

Bohemian Grove

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“Why, that's the faggotiest thing I've ever heard of!” Richard M. Nixon actually said. But how could he say that? Henry went there. …