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'MY DICK IS SO HARD FOR JESUS!' by Christofascist Jones

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"Now, I'm not no Holocaust Denier . . . I just think it was a little bump in the road! Like Reagan said about Watergate . . . 'Mistakes were made,' and all. Well, shoot . . .…


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Art books, paintings, antique chairs, marble tables, full length gold gilded mirrors, oriental rugs, tapestries, a Louis XVI painted French armoire, a wrought iron Deco coffee table, flat ware, silver flasks, mantel lamps, iron gates, a silk settee, theat

The sun, a perfect egg yolk

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Hod carrier, soon-to-be-father, he twisted the withered potato he kept in his trouser pocket to ward off the rheumatism. He hoped for a boy, yes, a little gossoon with fair hair and green eyes.

Supermarket Blues

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Man on aisle nine looking for the answer to cancer Will the partially clothed couple on aisle four please put the rest of their clothing back on If you are finished doing whatever it was you were doing? Man on aisle five trying to imagine Whil

O'Arlo's Journal: About Myself

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Every morning if I don't have to go potty....

Three in a Major Key

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One can watch the grass green/ in response. One can watch the world green/ in response.

On Advertising

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As you can see, egotism forms at a young age for people who end up in this industry.

Starry Night

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I invited Van Gogh over for some drinks and a chat. I'm talking about Vincent.

Lazybones and the Sheep

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On a day outside the reservation, the old girl told me when she was small she was given charge over a large flock of sheep. She frowned to herself over that for a moment. I sipped my coffee, keeping a pen in hand, the yellow legal pad near.My mother... she started.My mother…

The Body in the Other Room

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I couldn’t parse the grammar of her body nor decode the secret softness of her neck.

Me The Tree

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I am a tree.

Where Is Daddy?

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He checks the bedrooms first, then the hallway, followed by the living room and the bathrooms. When he can't find you he takes to calling out, daddy, I'm sure the neighbors hear.

All You Want is to Sink (a Revised Version)

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into another bigfat vat of boiling lies. It's sick, man, the way you'd rather dig for supposed (royal) buried treasure than make a beautiful thing happen, breakyour back, break your spirit, over and over until there's nothing left to begin the story with…

Saturday Afternoon, Late November

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Patrick McAllister, that tormented young man who used to work beside me on pizzas, really did have a degree in astrophysics. I saw a photograph of his graduation certificate with my own two eyes.

the weather past where roads end

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a soft wooden clatter, wind-battered reeds/bound to the banks of ditches rank,/ill-purposed waters slide into low swamps/whose waters into rivers seep and crawl.


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dance with me, if only

How We Open Doors

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-- as if I had / only rung the rusted bell --

Cayetana: A Love Letter to the Band

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"Oh, sit on my face oh won't you? Your velvety wetness would provide a nice counterpoint to the upholstery of the sofa-matching easy chair, crummy but that's the charm of this hipster-ironic dive playing 80's crap so I have to cram your music in my…

After the Logical Wars

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There is fire under the earth Where the dragon has spoken So you have only 13 seconds To turn around and fly away Or else they’ll blow wind and fire Up and down your spine There’s no need to drown Or hide anything There are still men


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...a session/ of hide and seek/ among the syllables.

April Wheeler

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Where am I? The void between life and death. The light at the end is flickering, not as bright nor as strong as I’d hope it would be.

The List

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Agnes folded the magazine in her lap. It was one of those women's magazines that had a picture of a supermodel on the cover. The girl was pencil thin and not that attractive, at least not as far as Agnes was concerned, and she was surrounded by boldface words encouraging…

"It's the dead of midnight, and Orion wheels round..."

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It's the dead of midnight, and Orion wheels round- With passing road-streams as its parallax, cars More distant from us, as the next one's windows Blocks the view of riders free from traffic lanes; I Am not your window. As you glide, or go to…

Buddha in the backyard

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He sits ...


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I’m afraid


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My father owned a penny arcade. I worked for him every summer all during my youth. My job was to hand green tickets to customers who achieved a certain score on Skee-Ball or shuffleboard. The coupons could be redeemed for merchandise which we had on display on…

Donnie's end

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I pointed, trying to keep a rising frisson of alarm from my voice.

Hospital, or Depression III

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Yes sir, I confess there have been timeswhen I did not care how young the earth isor take pride in how she sprang back to greenregardless of how hard the snow fought.There have been times, yes, when I lacked the willto notice such things and knew that belowthe water's…

"A bit less hot Tuesday"

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The faces of the sun remain unaltered across the seven day forecast. I am sweat-glued to a poem, looking up at the wall-mounted TV in a diner in the Valley

Morning Thoughts (3)

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Words travel ...