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Old friends on a park bench, sharing coffee from a thermos in the shade of sycamores in spring...

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"That's not what I meant."


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Among the raindrops/ occasional plopping snowflakes.

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.10

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Tomiko did not feel lost. Although she struggled to understand what was going on around her, she knew where she wanted to go.

Irish Drunk

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Your honour stinks of failed fishing trips to Galway.

Angel Heads

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I don't think you understand. A sad boy doesn't just die inside, slowly he becomes withdrawn from certain types of lovely youthful reasoning out loud, accustomed to feeling what is expected of him to be allowed to survive another day.The…

Night Flight

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He didn’t even have the energy to tell me to tie her up when he got home.

Possible Wildlife

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In one instance, a previous tenant experimented with keeping barrels and bins on the deck next to their (now your) back door. This caused a problem when some raccoon, skunks and a fox were found lingering on and around the premises (separately, of course)

The Work of Beauty

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the steady, persistent work of beauty

A Devious Mind

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I'll be right with you, just putting the last touch to this flower arrangement. I'm a florist, you see. These gerberas really stand out with their striking salmon colour, an inspiration which should charm the buyer. Let's put this arrangement in the window. Ready now.…

3 Seconds Till Uncertainty

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First they Dust off the bottom of the sky But then the clock gets stuck At 3 seconds till uncertainty Then they Dye the sunset clouds To make them more Transparent So as not to confuse The human mind With the stuff of uncommon Nostalgia

What I Learned About Death While Eating Dark Chocolate

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85% extra dark cocoa:/biting into bitter darkness

Moon in Water

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The Technicolour Hours

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The other night / I dreamt I was an astronaut


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Ignore for now the quotidian humiliations jacked-up recriminations specious allegations retorts & retaliations the batshit commentariat hurls

various verses

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in a willow garden lush shade/drapes dark the young woman's small house/with the lone window, the white door . . .

Philip and Gene

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Our lives are lived backward in memory...


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We can apprehend beauty only/ by framing it with the photographic/ paper’s edge or the novel’s margins/ and bookends.

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.9

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Emi watched the Perez sisters show each other support. It brought back memories of Mayumi giving her support, even fighting for her.

Twilight, Nov. 07, 05:50am

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Light spreads its way across the sky like a drop of inkon dry cotton sheets:starts at one point and expandsas wind shufflesover bodies, seashoist your sailsand I'll throw this oneoverthe night can have itnowhear the waveshow they seem satisfiedwith their…


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The last one I tipped over the edge was just like all the others: fragile, pale, humming to himself as he sat on the ledge overlooking the gardens.

The Conversation

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Listening is loving. What is more erotic than these fathoms, skeins, words, roping tight the ardent ear.


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[組成] Sosei is Starmyu fan-fiction, which takes place a decade and so after Starmyu first season. Dorian Tsukigami (15) is a boy determined to succeed within Ayanagi's Composition Department by the power of his own musicality.


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Well, now it has fallen away some but I felt better about it when it was raging

Release My Pajamas

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And then I heard “Yea, for I have seen the Father The Son, and the Holy Toast” Okay now, something up was weird

The Car

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Trot fast, my dapple gray!

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It was night. It was Massachusetts. It was an interview in a snowstorm that Detective Vivian Diaz wished would go away.

Against Nothing

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To be free of pain. Is that what we all want?

Post Script: Moonrise Kingdom

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Not many people like Geminis.


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You don't need a song about stars, you needa reason to be glad there are stars. Themoon has always been there, but not for youuntil now. Don't throw it away becauseyou are sad. You've come into your own. Allthings are waiting for you to show us youronce in a lifetime bloom.…