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Sunday Morning

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Elvis on a Saturday night in Hades sings deadlines and parlour tricks

Resource Management

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’m sure they have their/ cleverest working on it, though.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.4

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Azure lowered her head, nearly burying it in the window, watching the helicopter land.

A Stubborn Stain

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Like a stain it stood out vividly against the pastel background of her mind - an incident in her past Paula seemed to be unable to forget. Every so often it rattled her and frequently left her with a vision that forced her to rub her eyes until they turned…

Danger Above, Danger Below

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And you know that notion just goes to show...


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In his head thinks he whenever I wake I shall have a very fine discussion with Someone, oh but finding meaning in anything that's Just too much rich flattery, isn't it? Inside His head he thinks I am writing like A New York genius, but…

Eel Fishing, Leahi Beach

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50 Ways to Leave Your Facebook

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The problem is all inside the newsfeed I tell my friends.I'd like to help you in your skedaddle from this screen.The answer is easy if we'd bother to read.There must be 50 ways to leave your Facebook.Just slip out to Instagram Stan.Don't need to Tweet Pete.Just drop off…

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, xlvi - liv

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the Great Way itself is very smooth and straight,/but folks take to the challenge of rough, wild roads.


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THIS is what happened — the dead went into remission. Dated may 10 2010. Or it could have been some other day. They were going to be restored later. That's what we were being told. The dead were being given stones to mark their remission. They were getting…

Sabotage Radical Hip.

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He glanced down at himself. His new tie looked great!

Summer Drive

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Home is but a picture

Desert Storm, an Infrared Dream/David Avidan

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Desert Storm, an Infrared Dream/Poem by the late David Avidan On January 17, 1991 I woke up at 02:45 from a neo-surreal dream with a slight not very serious feeling of suffocation a pre-asthma attack instantly stifled with the inhalation of Ventolin an


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After coming back from nowhere,

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you notice some of what you need― a pressure of something you've intended, somewhere without a place,

Louis Belfast

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"You know, there really is a death of the heart."

chicken little considers the sky again (a parable for our time)

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oh, sure i’m still running around like a heads-up/off/prophet/profit/fit trying to cut off my very own de/(con)instruction and all other sordid a•void•able & available /a-Babel-Trumpish towers of post & toastmodern doom/daze/haze

yet mo bands

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Doofus National Puppet Radio Total Bogascity Sex Cowards Mein Kampfire Boner Hyperventilate Sewer Video Rats Psychic Umbrella Fire Your Psychic! Tender Brisket Megatrouser Puzzlement University Housecoats Fuchsia Big Ass Dawn

The Grilled Saint

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When asked to turn over the Church's riches / he brought before the Roman prefect the poor, blind, ragged and infirm.

How Solomon Built His Temple

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I need an elderly woman to lick my eyeballs clean

Morning and Arachnophobia

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...Rabidosa rabida- no spinner/ of webs but a quick and cunning solitary hunter. Anxiety overwhelmed

Last Chance

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When we parted/ The queer reminder in her smile/ Like we had a meeting

Sinking Feeling

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The bar tender is Austrian but blames her American accent on Netflix. It´s totally normal nowadays. Right?

The Circles in My Mind

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HOW silly I was then for not having been daring. I might have had a chance.Not that she had given me any such encouragement. But perhaps with a bitof insistence from my part ... Now of course it's too late. A year on it's notworth lamenting about what could have happened if…

My Job Search Conveyed Through Excitable Trumpian Phraseology

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The FAKE PEER REVIEWERS have hacked my university email. This is Benghazi/O'Donnell all over again. Horrible (or sick) people!


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Crows etc.

As We Progress

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We all need a place to stay.

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, xxxviii - xlv

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what is raised up must rest on its foundation.

Jonah Boards a Ship

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For The Love Of Christ

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