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We didn’t read the news

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I was at my usual booth, half a cold cappuccino in front of me, my daughter crawling over my lapin an attempt to crayon the paper I was reading.The man at the table across the floor looked like the prison warden…

Things You Probably Should Know About New York City

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It is a misdemeanor to fart in NYC churches. In 1857, toilet paper was invented by a man living in NYC. No one knows how long it took for the idea to fan out from there. God only knows why it took so long, or why NYC was at the epicenter of it all


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Where are the wads of gum thumbed to the undersides of ancient desks, each crusted barnacle evidence of a bored teenager? Where are the pencils stuck in polystyrene ceiling tiles? Pacing the empty room, Zoom tiles like alphabetized gravestones to a lost year. Alone,…

Super Nova

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she brought solace to a broken country deeply in need of healing

The Collector Of Twilights

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I like to collect twilights. I fold them carefully and put them in my wallet. They fit neatly between the dollar bills that have a weird tendency to curl. This bugs me. I don't know why they do that. Something to do with the design of the wallet. But the twilights fit…

durations of flamenco

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thus is life conjured with music: human life / with human music human souls human earth, / hot souls the cherished fruit of the hot earth beneath.

The Road a Scripture

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Granny says Jesus works quiet and curious but mama leaving with the UPS man weren’t no great mystery.


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All the lights of Rekyjavik...

An after-image, a ghost

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It was also witnessing the emergence into explicitness and clarity of everyone's expendability.

The Mud Slicks at Low Tide

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The mud slicks at low tide were a mood.Thick gobs that smelled of fish, sulfur and claysalt and wild seaweed like fungusmoldy like left out fruityet it drew her closerto the shorelinecloser to feelingit between her toesthick, squirtsas her feet lifteda suction cupand then…

Missing Bananas

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He's no fruit lover.

Remaking Your Dreams Come True

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Reincarnation. Not a bad deal, especially for cows. For the rest of us, it is like being in a witness protection program. And all without the risk of having those against whom you bore witness coming after you. Usually.

Stone Soup

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When I asked her about her husband, she laughed.

end of january

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c'mon honey let's go get stoned the night is falling where did you say we were going?

God, the Father

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I was right to fear the God of my father He is a monster.

I Think You Know That

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you've swallowed a whale bone and not a whole chicken. It's not about being surrounded by very nice stuff. We always thought there was much, much more than haunted walls in cold castles. People connect the dots like collecting stamps. Things get…

A Winter's Day

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our country poises precariously on an inflection point haunted by the recent events in the Capitol


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Hygga was on the French news tonight. Hygga is big in France. And Scandinavia, of course. I'd never heard of it. Hygga comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy.” It stems from hyggia, which means to think in Old Norse, and is related to…

A Journal of the Plague Year: Day 289: Valedictory for a Clown

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the end of this journal

Wrong Number

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He tilted his head at his monitor and exhaled “No.” Minutes later, he tilted his head the other way and more sharply exclaimed “No!” Then he began over the next quarter hour simply to stare at the data stream before him, which left him speechless.


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His hands are old But still function As hands

Short Blonde, Long Red

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Natalie blushed the vodka with an almost pointless twist of the fruit juice as I fought in my inside jacket pocket for my wallet...


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it is said to make your manliness last forever

Sisyphus takes the day off

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what-ta-hell, fuck this he snorts brushing the dust from his shoulders

More About Nils Whose Real Name is Georges

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I think he viewed Communion as an act of hygiene that allowed him to go on being fiery and self-determined.

No More Ideas

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And then, one fateful day, the world ran out of ideas. The last one was gone, floating away like a balloon full of the helium we had already squandered.

The TV

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The absence sits on the window sillIt looks like the tree growing in front of itlimbs long and crookedwretched clocktime passes like torn silkShe sits at the mirror looking past thingsHer TV blasts the newsconfront the questionCovid -19 The vaccinationTrump is…


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I sensed someone approaching. She was wearing a big hat and she was smoking a cigarette from a holder.'Can't smoke in here, Ma'm. Sorry, but....''Oh, could you please come outside for a moment?''Sorry can't leave my station, Ma'm..''Oh, but you can.'I looked around, but I…

decades since minutes with moments to

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the drive-ins now are dead and gone / where once we laught through splatter films: / our screens too small, our horrors do not fit— / no monumental screens are left, / no close-ups show us what we think we fear.


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Mike Summer's moustache was perfect. Hard bristle and so symmetrical it looked cut to the angles of a military imperative. He was pretty proud of it, thought the team of beaters, who watched him as he sat on the boot ledge of his sage green Mercedes 123 T, combing…