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Edju - 32nd Stave

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32. I am the worst of all men. Don't talk to me about your loneliness. I am one alone all my life until my last day at the tower. It began with someone calling my name. I heard it from the road as I sat in my high-backed …

A Brief Conversation With A Man Who Fell Off a Cliff

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I asked him where he hurt and he said everywhere.

The Swell After

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"To bury the dead, first we bury past the old, flowered tree orchard and the clearing there, the place we tasted clover flowers after we sucked the nectar out."

Bring Down the Babies

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a bazaar of voices / opening doors.


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"Our thoughts wear no masks ... they’re on display in our gaze."

The World’s Food Shortage Problem is Solved with My Insect-Enlargement Gun!

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People of Earth, a better tomorrow has come. I’m near bursting with pleasure to report that the global community needn’t worry any longer about food shortages and famine and the like. Why? My patented insect-enlargement gun!

Glance and Gesture

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“I wanted to know . . . exactly what kind of fucking power trip are you on?”

How Poets Die

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Mark Strandover decadesa steady diet of dictionenlarged his heartone day it just burstRobert Frosta crazy ideathat he couldbuild a wallwithout mortar tookpossession of his mindhe piled stoneon stone higherand higher untilthey toppled overcrushing him beneath Wilfred…


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I used to plant giant sunflowers which grew 8 feet tall on the front of my house facing sunsets just for me. There is a little yellow bird which I only see once a year. The little yellow bird comes when I plant my sunflowers. It waits until the sunflowers bloom and…

Transcription of Audio: Meeting with Miss Jewel Eppinette

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No one has touched me for a long, long time and I believe that is why I am dying. This is a notion that is new to me but it has persisted over the last few weeks and I believe I finally have apprehended the truth. There was a time, I remember all too well, when I might…

Good Deed Punished (Matthew IV)

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homelessness, you called the lie,

Carpe Diem

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And as you try to read, he appears. No, not in front of you, but somewhere just behind your eyes. You hear the sound at the end of an argument, just before the kiss; you see a shirt fall to the ground in late summer; you watch him read as his mouth

Drinking the Wild Virgin

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I really think we ought to be drinking The Wild Virgin again I remember having a beer once And feeling like a minor god, yes Just like you did So, now, listen to me: if she snores all night That’s one thing But if she screws the lights out


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These days, you seem to disappear like bread tasted and devoured

Domestic Sketches

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The cats sniff at the small opening,/ one by one, in a furtive casualness./ They think the outside air is sweet

Colonized Mike, Ch. 7: 'TICKLED PINK'

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He'd blame the maid. ¶ And then fire her.

To Do List

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Throw them up there but try to make it look tidy. Try to become a little bit paranoid, just enough that you slightly overestimate how much they think of you at all.

My History With Bras

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"Maybe so, but you have seen those photos in the National Geographic, right? Do you really want to risk it?" she demands and I sigh in defeat. I wake up at midnight, hot from too many blankets and pull my bra off through the sleeves of my shirt. I th

The Story You Wanted

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For I would draw a diagramTo signify the things I amBut I think you know--Todd Rundgren The door was open before me. I know that's not a good way to start out on an adventure, but it is what happened to me. I didn't see any beckoning light, I felt an urge, like being…

Two Characters In Search Of Another

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Space Age Mermaid

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Sulily dreams of water, Big Water, abundant enough to swallow their massive spaceship whole.

Edju - 30 and 31

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30. They sliced the solemn pastures of the fascist countryside into square blocks. It seemed a pointless order. Right angles. No curves. Nothing round. Hard shapes. Green crop here. Yellow crop there. The birds flew in rigid…

An Empty Shell

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In uniform. Sergeant Thomas Wood. At the back of my small room, near the window, I turn the lamp on, pick up a pen, a blank page, must keep my mother informed.Now looking out at the first gaze of the day.I was six then. Here comes my mother ruffling my hair. Flattering…

Lunch Business

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It's lunch in the car time at 5:30 pm The car sits next to the mattress delivery truck in hope of receiving a blanket of shade

Everything the Traffic Will Allow

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there’s more to life than poontang but not when you’re sixteen and your hands are full of heavy breasts

The Summer Reading Program -- A Librarian Tells All!

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It's July, which, if you work in a public library, means that the Summer Reading Club is in full swing. The SRC used to be just for kids, to motivate them to read when school wasn't in session. But in recent years many libraries have expanded the program to include…

A Jenga Piece A Time

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Ryuu looked up and saw color seep back into his life. Warm hues reached for his numb heart. His body's coldness was thawed with the tender embrace that wrapped around him so tight he couldn't let go if he had wanted to.

On the Bench (Matthew III)

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turn your face


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He opened an old book,flipping through its yellowedpages. A small piece of blue paperfell to the floor; he picked it up."Meet Tom at 4:00. Julius Bar."Standing there, Tom appearedas he sat down with the note,putting Tom back together:Tall, he remembered; Irish,green eyes…

Why I Love You

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I love you because your eyes are both crossed When you do it, because you’re focused On the inside of the universe I love you because You’re on a roller coaster Through life And I can ride along For the thrill of it I love you because