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Apollo (2/2 - sections 3-5)

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III. Through wheelwind crypts of mystery, through…

Napomo 17: April 13 - 18

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Bones consolidate with age. The fleshy/ bits of body follow by wrinkling and/ spreading outward, appearing to expand.

Prologue: Fantasy

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You had your heartbroken a little bit, once, just enough to let you understand. You studied abroad. There was never a drunk man who refused to leave your dorm room.

Hands of a City

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On the usefulness of hands.

Excerpt (Writing With Wine)

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Damn, I joke with myself, who was the fucking idiot that bought this cheap bottle of red wine?

Thumb Pressure

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The key is buried deep in dark soil. The red ribbon attached is a thread of blood leading to the Minotaur's lair and the louvered windows where light filters in and stripes the statue's carved rock.

Why Jocks Shouldn't Work Behind the Counter at Subway™ Sandwich Shops: A Huge, Overarching Principle Bound to Encompass All of L

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[I just took a shit in my pants. It's got nothing to do with the story, but, as the author, I'm just letting you know. I just took a shit in my pants.]

Fingers and Toes

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I only missed you once


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On the febrile edge

the morality of pens: a sonnet

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poets can kill, or at least they once could:/ perhaps poems tamed us, if they are any good.

Deadly duel: Blow v. Teach

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At last, we learn if Blow has the cojones to fight.

beach buzz

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hours hang in salt mist air

Diamonds in the Fog

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A terza rima


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I write poems.


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A feeling of warm wetness all over her body - milk, blood, tears. She might have a shower to wash the maternity smell off her. The baby…


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It isn't for you to know

When the wind/sky really is God

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and all the trees are holding/their limbs up in prayer/and rain is mating with soil

Zbigniew Brzezinski Leaves A Message For His Secretary

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Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

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“Emma,” I said, “will you quit staring? What about the meatpacker’s hope for his daughter?” I asked. “Have you even thought about that?” “Once you get off the moon, maybe,” she said “Honestly, after so much lamb and schwarma I could go for a

"Edju" - 7th Stave

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7. The boys were there beneath the crooked stair. The long stair rambling in concrete bits with mouse holes and rain worn streaks. The stinking river dead and still just beyond. Some of them were writhing atop the bits…

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.1

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Kenichi the boar arrived from the forest with the other elders. The police officers stepped back, awed by these large nature creatures.

Apollo (1/2 - sections 1 and 2)

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Apollo …

FAMILY TIES and GROWING PAINS Re-Runs *Are* Reality!

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⬰ ⇴ ⥈ ⬾ ⥇ ⬲ ⟴↸ ↹ ↯ ↭ ⥉ ⥰⥷ ⭃ ⥺ ⭄⇪ ⇫ ⇬ ⇭ ⇮ ⇯➛ ➜ ➔ ➝ ➞ ➟ ➠ ➥ ➦ ➧ ➨ ➲

Part 1: Childhood + Adolescence

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You were “unschooled” after 4th grade – which means your mother pulled you out of school to homeschool you but didn’t actually do any formal teaching with you. You taught yourself a little for the SATs and managed to get a good enough score, even on the m

Death by Subtext II

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What if the story under the story is the story.

Christ walks the streets of Venice

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Christ walks the streets of Venice,/has long since become a regular . . .

The Lazy Clouds

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This is a nice illusion, here with you. The world Is meant to fill your eyes. You remind me of Everything right now. This is a nice illusion, here with You. It's all morning light. The wind playing with your Hair lifts my spirits, too. Seagulls…

Manliness!! *urp*

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It starts on the Fallopian Speedway


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In the quiet dark, fathers reappear.

Napomo 17: April 7-12

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The drinking will continue/ until morale improves