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We flew./ In my dreams, I can fly.

The New Year

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Early this morning I open the new year book on the first page. It's still blank, without words, without lines, without images. There is nothing to signal, to report. Perhaps soon there will be cries and tears, black stains on the paper. Hopefully also some coloured …

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.6

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The cubs from every Clan shivered at his snarl. The Elder’s presence was overwhelming, and level of pressure pressing down upon them.


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Weddings, engagements etc.

Right Turn

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Stop It!

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Don’t shout. Be nice Cheer up. Sit up Straight. Don’t play With your food. Elbows Off the table. Watch Your language. Use Your napkin. Eat the Crust Stop fidgeting Stop scratching Close your mouth When you chew Remember to Clea


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The week before she left for Costa Rica with her new lover she called me. Often, she did this. We talked for hours. What should I pack on my trip? she asked. Setting out with him …

Skull of a Sheep: Revisited

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You are in a car speeding through Dublin towards the West year after year the journey uncoils past the same landmarks Kilmainham Jail strapped to a chair bullet to the brain on by the Rowntree Mackintosh factory where the black and…

lament of Liu Ch'e . . . while elsewhere--

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in her silk sleeves is silence sheathed.

Santa's stuck

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Santa’s stuck/you say? In the chimney of course./The lard-arsed ol’bastard struggling

#yearning for you

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Cosmic, epic desire #yearning for you

Bridges Are a Lot Like Long Corridors

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Nothing good ever waits at the end of a long corridor.


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to visit an old friend

A Quiet Noise

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the sun is quiet like the mountains, the birds except for their wings

Sometimes You Wait.

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Sometimes you wait by the mailbox and he doesn't come. It doesn't come, the letter, the talisman from another world you've been waiting for, and you give up. You finally open…

The Dotards

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We played synthetic derivative punk. We used Donald Trump tweets as lyrics.

Professional Judgment

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Biting my tongue instead of lashing red stripes

Medicine Man

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The scalpel isprescient -- it knows blood before it cuts.Every surgeon is a seer.We start here, just below the neck. The slide of its sharpened silvertouches softly,enters the skin with care; halfthe cut is question,and half an…

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.5

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Takashi and Hideki stared at the pool of grey Mana. A scientist carefully contained some of the mist into a container.

Considering a Career

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Mostly, though, reiteration of the old/ in an idiosyncrasy that strives/ to become fresh and fails

O Starving Poet

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A novel is an idea that has Survived many severe beatings While a poem is a homely thing that was Never even asked to the dance Art Speak, however, is the art of Systematically overstating and Re-inventing the Obvious to the point of Distr


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As a senior Italian official said, in the late 1980s, “Once there were scandals, but not anymore.”


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I dreamt I was raped the other night. Sometimes it was me, that is, and sometimes it was another woman with a dark bouffant hair-do. Definitely outside though and the hulking back of the man was covered by a charcoal wool…

Not Quite There Yet

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You're not late yet, but if you don't move now, you will be. You close the cover of your mac book, don't even finish the sentence you were working on or close down the file. What had been of the utmost importance, clutching at your…

The Band That Didn't Memorize Christmas Songs

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A man stared out a window, only to see a passing train.

Moon Backstory

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Today clouds were dancing on the moon Moon had a fit but drew in a breath And let out a sigh

A Blue Dream

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She felt safe. Even though she would sink eventually she had no fears. All would happen in good time and slowly, bearably and pleasantly. Her arms were docilely floating alongside her body. Yellows, blues and whites touching with their spirited reflections.On the road above…

Turn Out The Lights

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The Karaoke Girls

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The Karaoke Girls are not appreciated. Not nearly enough and not often enough.

Librarians! Are You A Book Whisperer, A Truth Wizard, Or an Information Goddess?

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I'm not a librarian. I'm an Information Goddess.