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Jesus, Zombie

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"Jesus was a zombie?" I ask, shocked.

The distance between us

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Silent Noodles, Swimming Pools and the ACLU: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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You might want to think twice before inviting Henry David Thoreau to your next dinner party...

Terror Management Theory: The Joy Knee

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I could reach out and grab this world by the p...

It’s About This Drawing ...

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Shall I or shall I not? Will I or ... ? I'm pacing up and down the footpath, looking in the shop windows: a hairdresser's salon, a massage parlour, a piercing studio, a tattoo shop. The street that sees me as a regular.I've been hesitating for quite a few months now,…

What Gorillas 'Talk' About When Gorillas 'Talk' About Love

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Eons later, Bobo evolves into Shakespeare. Bonus feature: wings.

Dear Mr. Sorrentino

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Spilled milk it is --lactate of common desire;water under the bridge, slow-moving, white. So this is what we feed on: the past and present here for the licking.Sweat is water too,for the hungry, and any past will do. Parched mouths kiss just as well as…

how to kill a dragon dead (except)

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the worm was stabbed where two rivers branch:/who would slay was slain.


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The Atlantic

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Phoebe-Lou Adams wrote this of them

Dreams That Sorrow Owns

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Maybe tomorrow someone dreams And maybe someone moans But beware the steam inside the dome It’s just dreams that sorrow owns If it resonates, say so Ho in a raccoon coat Slow bum ahead If it resonates, say so, say so And her man, yo

November Is The Month Of Dying

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Two weeks after All Souls’ Day, he trudges through the overgrown pasture behind the farmhouse, his head bent, intent on his footing, a shovel his walking stick.

Out of the Woods

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No, your clever costume won’t protect you.


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Always in a hurry/to spoil your/weekend

Slap Happy

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If you were a poem / it’d be called/ Better Homes and Gardens.


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In a time of drought,/ the sound of rain is sweet/ and joyful music.

The Player

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He played real good But never looked At no one Strong guitar Weak knees

All About the Tumor

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Stupidity is not a mask; it is the face / and it is the face that betrays us / always.

I'd Be Happy To Date You When Hell Freezes Over -- One Single Librarian's Collection Of Online Dating Profile Turnoffs

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Dude -- I DON'T want to date your boat!

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.2

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Mayumi approached them; her memories of their faces from the texts they received from each other had come alive.

I Would Make the Worst Cable News Anchorwoman Ever

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I'd laugh, cry, splutter with confusion or outrage. I'd probably say “Duh” a lot, grow pale, flush, and wink at the viewers. I'd furrow my eyebrows, raise one or both, and my eyes would narrow, widen,…


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Lying all over itself...

hendecasyllabic moon

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that moon does not think (unless mineral thoughts) . . .

Sparrow and Mockingbird Greet the Dawn

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feathered waves of tangerine peach

Cold, Cold Night

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I thought I heard Follow your heart On the cold, cold Night of the soul I thought I heard Follow your heart, follow your heart On this coldest night Of the soul Leaves on fire, leaves on fire They told me look Into the flames To


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this reaching, this striving to love like it's there becoming something we need.


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It was entirely my fault, misreading signals. I have a clumsy imagination, mistook your gushing about my boobs as a soul connection. Then you said something about us being lovers in a past life, and I remembered Bobby Bubion from high school, his strategy for…

Serrated Leaves

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The old man watched his cat feel the contours of his lap before settling down in its mould. It's time, he muttered, moving gently to and fro in his rocking chair. Macha had fallen ill. Arlo had been given a two-year gift. Then he had also thought the time had come, but she…

"Ripping Good Poetry" Punishes Boys Who Curse With Verse

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“I read one of Tennyson's poems, The Lotos-Eaters, which is about sitting around and getting high by eating a natural narcotic. It seems these natives get like totally wasted."