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Pablo Picasso and Pornhub: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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Reading magazines this week, I learned that:Sally Field dislikes gefilte fish.(Vanity Fair, 3/16)Pornhub, an explicit-video-sharing site, gets 2.4 million visitors per HOUR. (Time, 4.11.16)There are 641 million obese people in the world today. (Time,…


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this orient tide come occident: this roll of wreck and reckoned eyes that fathomless are found or made to find her keep within the tight shut shell in soundings deeper than the plumblined soul these western waves gone east: these…

Pacific Light

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That was one option. Another was to assemble all the resident grunts...on one side of the island, jump up and down in unison, flip it over, and see if life on the bottom was any better.


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I left Iowa in august when the air was thick and sticky. I had been there three years minus a few days when the boy I'd been sleeping with packed almost everything I owned into my car and waved goodbye. In Baltimore I had few friends and a job teaching English at a…

Paddle/ Pedal/ Piddle

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You say boxer briefs, I say pillbox hats

Paddy Wagon

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So many are so sick.

Pageant Night

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All the baby monsters are being born on stage.

Pahk Your Kahma in Hahvahd Yahd

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“Namaste,” I say as I hand the guy his ticket. “The divinity within me salutes the divinity within you. Have a nice freaking day.”


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Everything I understand / is in danger.

Pain as Mnemonic Device

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If something hurts enough/ you never forget it. Like the// toothache when you first learned

Paint-Can Harry Lets in Some Much Needed Air

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Welcome the one and the all of you, welcome all you scraggly long haired weeds, welcome the no longer rolling stones of the new you, welcome you most beautiful little wonderfully…


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By the time she reached home, dinner would be there in thirty minutes, on the table. Not a lively table, just politeness, and calm. There were no issues of the day that needed discussing, no problems to be solved.

Painted Faces

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I want to dig my fingers into the paint and spread yellow whiskers across my cheeks. I want to become a lion.

Painting with Big Mama

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I still see Big Mama leaning over her garden to pick a zinnia to put in her still life. Her old pink slip, hanging diagonally a foot under her hiked up, ragged, stained dress, half covered by her paint smock, which matched her white, faux fur, bedroom sli

Paleo Prophet

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We are insatiable

Palinode for a Love That Failed

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Palinode: A poem written to retract something said in a prior poem.


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Driving up to the Palisades after 9/11 for a meteor shower

Palm of Her Hand

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He trembled as she splayed open his palm...


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There was a body in the backseat, and they drove through the highways at night to a late night radio show that played 80’s power ballads. He said: “I am really glad you’re here for me.”


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I’d look for a fork and quickly stab a piece of it and bite into it, feeling good about the finality of things.

Pandora’s Box

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I’m going to stop there, before the darkness sets in.


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Nearby a figure wearing a long coat has just walked into the water.

Panic Pure

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He said, “It was only after I broke my neck and even like maybe a year later that I really started realizing that I had something to say.”


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Ben tossed the newspaper aside, muttering. Carol, curled up on the sofa, peered past the glasses at the tip of her nose and past the crossword puzzle. "What?" "The Brits wanted to fight rather than be taken hostage. They had an escort boat ridin


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gods aren’t going to help you son

Panthera pardus

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A cruel panther gets its prey.


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Fridays always said it was time for golf,which left me wide, wide like the space between your teeth,on the stoop til you'd let me share your palm with your nine iron.I was a utility. Your gap toothed divot tool or a headcover that had your smile.Sometimes you'd gawk back,…

Papa's Parrot

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He wasn’t there for the beginning or the end. In the beginning, he was still a wild thing. Nothing more than a voice in the chorus of the Dark Continent, back when it was a thing of terrible beauty and attracted people like the old man; people who breathe


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Darkness was fast approaching. I stuck out my tongue at Naya, and she reached out as if to grab…

Papadad: a portrait

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Papadad has one good eye. The other fell out during a rant and has since been replaced by a rifle scope, which he uses to scrutinise enemies.——Papadad is an authority on everything, even topics he has not researched. He expatiates on these at the dinner table,…