by Jeff Geiger

the visionary treks the spiral

up the plateau shrine

and sees nothing

gods aren't going to help you son

looking towards the stars he orients

himself in the center

kneeling down, shackles bind him

they won't catch you when you fall

six stones the size of oxen

circle the pilgrim

glowing apparitions swarm

from the holy markers

he faces his makers

you'll be pleading while you're bleeding

the one of water and choice

we are at the precipice...

the one of sand and destiny

...you can go anywhere you want

the one of blood and persistence

foster the mindset that allows...

the one of sky and rebirth

...ways to make new things possible

the one of earth and brotherhood

for what we create...

the one of steel and insight

...is like poetry

the faces merge and pierce his chest

he is drowning in boiling water

blood spills from his pores

limbs pulled in every direction

watching his loved ones perish

needles bore his skull

he does not cry out

bonds break

his eyes open

the survivor stands