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that's what sea said

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i thirst always for that poetic mouthful


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eleven o'clock spills despair all over our bedspread

postcards from penelope

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fun fact: a doll's legs will twitch while being scalped but only for just a little bit

So what?

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So, what?/ So what?/ So? What?

Honorary Shaman

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The Strummer on my page / thrashes his guitar / in the back seat of / a cherry red Cadillac / convertible

The Freelance Assignment

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You wanted to be a writer. Now you’re a writer.

The Duck, the Clock, and the Condom

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Every night famous authors read not only to us, but to a duck. A wild female who emerged from the lake just as we were gathering, settled her gray-brown feathers down not three feet from the podium, tucked her head inside her wing, and remained there. If the duck liked…

Heron Dream

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There are enough words for everyone.

Locked in a Small-Town Cage with My Superheroes, and Having No Way to Get an MFA... (Memoir)

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...I grew up in a provincial town which at the time had no bookstore and no library — no library even at school...

And So It Begins

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Kelly looked at her screen. Did she really just type that? Is she really going that cliche? Apparently so. She sighed. "Well I can't erase it for fear of losing words so I might as well just go with it."

X, Chapter 1: Alex

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Or at least that is the way Dad explained it one night after finishing the Emergency Vodka he hid behind the ice trays on his last night in the old apartment in Providence.

I Wrote a Book

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About halfway through reading some book that was supposed to be some really deep shit, I decided to write my own book instead.

This Is Why I Write

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I do it for fun

A Desperate Tweak

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I have two of those hand exercisers jamming the tray and keeping it locked in place

Breasts and Pickups

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Two giant greasy hands were working those breasts hard, squeezing and tugging and pulling. She didn't holler.