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Writer's Block

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“Here's how you start a story. Start with two characters at the kitchen table and see what happens.” Then she rushed off to a conference with another student. I hated her and her domestic novels, but…

Power Surge

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We were given the endless power of the Sun, the Wind, the Ocean Waves. Instead, we chopped off the tops of mountains to get at coal in Virginia. A pipeline of oily sand from Northern Canada will be processed as filth in South Eastern…

The Form Rejection

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Jackie got sexual satisfaction from form rejection letters.

Thirteen Attempts At Saving My Soul

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I dream of other lives I might have lived.

moving forward

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see this:/ ink-stained paper/ littering miles

Blogging Therapy

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This blog seemed to find me. The post I read couldn't be real. The blogger had a session in his therapist's office without the therapist. He'd already been there once that week and paid his hundred and ten dollars. In thirty …

Into The Night

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Under a conspiratorial moon… the shovel my silent partner… organ-less torso to the worms.


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A few minutes later I met her.

At Sixes and Sevens

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“Those were different times,” hushed the black ant to his son. He was referring to the times before the fire ants. Back when they nourished on sweets, instead of the beast's excrements. Father and…

Second Chance

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Now, he was here again, alone, drawn back by those memories.

Eating Jane

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Psycho? You dare call me psychopath? I am not some crazy person with but the thinnest belt of sanity wrapped around them! The world will know my story… they shall see! My purgatory... this dripping cell… pen and paper to capture the overflow of words…

Pen and Ink on Paper

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...ancient answers for new questions.

Calm in the Clearing

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Over time, years and years of time, I learned to feel safe in my thoughts, with my own words.

An Imaginary Yesterday

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... I thought that if I were really a writer my imagination and the words that originate in it would already have chosen my future.

Losing Marlene (Part 1)

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I suppose to someone unfamiliar with the writing process like Marlene, it looked as if a bomb had gone off in one of those new-age literary bars where people gather to read poetry and drink beer in an effort to introduce a little excitement into their liv