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Madam, Domina, Femme Fatale

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The classic choice is between a Madonna or a Whore. But I say, there's a third choice. A Dominatrix.The Dominatrix will give you what you are most afraid to ask. Dunk your head in the water. Without fear or apologies. Without hesitation.…

There is a feeling in my hands,

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There is a feeling in my hands, fingers, a restive, potential energy, drawing inward, reaching

Gasoline in E-minor

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Don't ignore me. You saw the man, you saw the woman, you saw their car. They have food wrappers on their dash and furniture in the back of their car. Observe, report, analyse. "Yes, that will be ATM."

Nan - The Complete Novel-In-Stories

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In the wake of a family tragedy, Nan, a pensive young woman from rural Vermont, moves to New York City for college. As she makes her way through her new urban life, with all its dangers and excitements, she is haunted by the home she left behind, remember

My Anonymous Career

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I signed on with a large national restaurant chain to write descriptors for menus, and I was the very first to use the term "farm-fresh" to refer to eggs.

How To Become a Great Writer

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My name is Tom Scarlatti and my kid brother, Billy, resents me. Of course, if you read magazines, you probably already know that. You probably don't think much of me, either. In fact, you probably think I'm a rotten no-good clod, since my brother Billy the famous…

NAN : A Novel-In-Stories

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My novel-in-stories, NAN, is now available as an ebook for $6.99. Thanks to everyone who read the first 7 published stories here on Fictionaut.

How to be an Artist in New Jersey

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Go for the center of the forehead. Anything else, you risk survival.

A Letter Late At Night

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That man sits in the next room and continues laughing about his own writing.

Run For Your Life

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It was where the “Suits” worked. I didn’t want to go there, I didn’t want to be there, but in those days one did what one was supposed to do.

Placebo Low-Residency MFA Part 1: The Writing Program

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Old because, perhaps when you were a child, it was known as a writing "correspondence" school.

drinking buddies

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Tonight, Bukowski and I drink together.

evening cigarette

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It's short.

The Ridges of Ancient Battles

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“It smells like turkey,” she said, rubbing her one good eye. “No. I think it’s more like mutton,” I reply, tugging the lapels tight. The steam rose from the corpse in ripples, the matted fur stiff, stuck together in places. Where it came from we had no

i went to raves & wrote songs

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A short poem.