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Infinity Pool

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I sink until water saturates my lashes, waiting, breathless, for the words to stop.

Why We Need To Keep Writing

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We need to keep writing because the great ones aren’t always that great We need to keep writing to insure that the future even has a future We need to keep writing because the wind won’t know how or when to listen if we don’t

I Scream

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she peeled back the white wrapper from around her ice cream sandwich slowly, methodically


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I pasted a sample paragraph of my writing on the website 'Who do you write like?'.

Roof of the World

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She ripped the roof of your mind off and you began writing like Dylan Thomas in the wind like Hemingway in Paris Bukowski on booze like Vladimir Nobokov on girls You began seeing the folds in the world like Picasso th

Letter to Natalie Goldberg

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I withdraw too quickly, an inverse premature ejaculation...

Play Pen

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we're only playing with this language you and I


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"They called him a syllannibal: a person who eats his own words. The only words he ever ate, however, were the ones he had written."

Review of the Unknown Pencil Pusher

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My brother the unknown writer and I sail our ship through rocky sand. With twig muskets in hand. We pretend we are pirates. My brother wears the puffy white shirt. His ear lobe pierced wearing a hoop made of fool's gold. I am barefoot and decide to remove


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My voice hesitates, then climbs over the walls of past hesitation and soars....

Elusive Ideas in a Pineapple Under the Sea

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I cannot find my way back to the bubbling navel of the universe because of Spongebob Squarepants.

In the hot seat

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I sighed and looked deep into his eyes. “There is nothing more powerful than denial.”

the loudest loud

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it will be a scream

Flipper Avoids the Tuna Can

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I used to sneak away to my bedroom to write. I would get away any chance I could to jot down on paper my stories, my ideas, the rich stream of goodness that sprang from my little baby creative brain. It was pure joy.

In the League of Extraordinary Matrix Hulks

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I got a chance to study story structure, character development, and writing of dialogue in an intense boot camp laced with orange jello and intravenous drugs.