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before i lived in the sky

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i built a house in the trees before i lived in the sky

randy the ram

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For you I bring the circus, I reinvent the shine

just like James Taylor

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tell me about the time you lived in Carolina, and what my smile does for you.

End Scene

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In the fall it is especially beautiful with the blazing orange oaks set on fire against a crystal blue sky. It is here that she frequently daydreams of her demise.


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"All you want to do all day is write your books. You don't care about anything else, you don't care about Jeffy, he needs exercise and proper food, look how thin he is!"

(2) Liars

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"Being honest with me," said her teacher, "will hopefully allow you to be honest with yourself--writing is about being honest, and articulating that honesty." It sounded like a riddle, and her teacher looked at her with the sanctimony of a wizard.

1985...What I wanted

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with cool confidence and believable body language

Cinderella Reconsiders

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take back all the falderal and friggin' fiddle dee dee take back the mad murmuring of ten minutes ago

Behind the Writing - Music

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A powerful song is often a result of imaginative storytelling through a unique “voice” and pitch-perfect musicality.

What I wanted in 1981

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i stained his hockey sheets right over the red wings

kroy hearts destiny

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r luv iz gud enuf 4 a tat2

What I wanted 1976

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turn my Dorothy Hamill into a golden shadow

The Five Stages of Editing

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The recent release of my debut novel alt.punk was extraordinarily exciting; however, maturing the novel from first draft to publication was not without editing pains. Similar to the Kübler-Ross theory, I progressed through what I refer to as the “five sta

Peter Graves Is A Mad, Mad March Blimp Captain

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"...ooompa loompa tuba cymbals and then wrist, Godzillas in the mist all over again. .."

(7) Plus and Minus

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"Her actions in the city seemed invariably designed to destroy that person, which she’d worked so hard all her life to become."