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The Last Bailout

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In desperation, the city council imported a shaman to exorcise whatever demons had possessed the house.


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You pull the bloodied gloves off your lily white hands and watch. The bulls are in frenzy. They are mounting the cows as if there is no tomorrow. And they are right, for their hour is nigh. Funny how animals get their strongest urge to mate when they know…

Happy Returns

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It had been ages since Marv was last home. Nothing seemed to change much in the town. The leaves were falling from the trees which lined the streets of his neighbourhood. Children went from house to house ringing doorbells. They screamed and ran…

Stay Awhile

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“Oswald…” He could hear voices and scuffling feet overhead. Normally it was dead quiet, except for the hum of the furnace. How long had it been? How many years had passed? The door at the top of the stairs flew open, and the…

Waiting for a Sign

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They were a motley crew, assembled in Farmer Brown's garden. A red moon hung low in the sky like something bleeding. A hologram rippled across the teeming clouds; orange, black, and leering. “That's it,” the scarecrow said.…


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“Stop!” I shouted. “I want to get off!” The toothy horses showed me the whites of their crazy eyes. “No, no”! they chorused as they whirled around and around and around.

Blind Spot

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If the photographs made sounds, they would rumble like static from an impending thunderstorm, pressed between the pages of a yellowing dictionary. Compressed sound, searching for the proper words.


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Martin named it “Squishy” for two reasons. The first reason was because it was the noise it made when it came out of the hole in his basement. The second is because it’s what it did to Grandfather...

Lament of the Horror Movie Marathon

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I'm in our bed eating yesterday's pizza and chain-watching pirated foreign horror films

Green Dust

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He was a killer but they didn't know anything about him.


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I can't rememberI woke up in the hotel room lying on the double bed staring at the ceiling. The room was painted white with one window, overlooking a brick wall, shut tight so I couldn't open it. The door leading to the outside looked appealing so I got up out…

Camp Hope

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Tater didn't like three things in this life: his daddy, his momma, and the stupid dog that chewed his jizzed on socks.

Abomination at the Shilkie

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That I own one of the world's largest collections of occult references, including a clutch of rare and ancient grimoires, ought to suggest I'd have been prepared for the shock. But nothing in my studies left me meaningfully prepared. . .

In the Flesh

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“Why is it so warm? Do you feel that? I think it’s...pulsing.”

The Head

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So I've got this head in a jar and I'm not sure who it belongs to.