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Marigolds For A Vampire (Part 13)

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The vampire hunger returns home to find his vampire twin brother that he staked to the wall still alive and bandaged up. All the family secrets comes tumbling out in a death bed confession, including a revelation that he didn't know about the vampire king

Marigolds For A Vampire (Epilogue)

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The vampire hunter returns the coffin of his vampire twin brother to the family crypt and accepts the consequences of his actions after leaving home a quarter-century ago.


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Her head was free from restraint...

The Cloud

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a complicated relationship between a man and a cloud, featuring a hydraulic harpoon gun.


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So here I am. Huddled and shaking like my cousin Barb who came off her Temazepan too fast.

Pharaoh's Revenge

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The first intimation that something was afoul was when his computer crashed.

The Little Things

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When the world is quiet, all your thoughts demand attention.

Getting Rid of Her, Part 3

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Part three of the exciting real life horror series set in Carecorp, America's corporate hospitals.

My Infection: (Chapter 1 of Milk-Blood)

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“Because the day I fucked you I caught an infection and now I have it for life.”


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There is one particular dog, she's one of those hot dog ones, and fast too.


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While space and time opened up for us, the ground accelerated its attempts to devour the astronaut. Grasses grew up around his edges. Seeds propagated in the folds of his suit, tendrils found their way into the mysterious holes for the missing hoses that


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He deplaned Air France flight 9 from JFK to Charles de Gaulle airport at quarter past noon.

The Last Warrior

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His wings, like tiny shoots, grew a season in an instant. The pain was gone now. He rose up as effortlessly as centaurs run, as angels fly. "I will sing your name as my brother among my brothers," the Seraph promised. Kladius watched the beasts below


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Moments before they had been holding hands, but when they turned the corner and she told him she did not want to go down the dark path he had turned also, into someone she did not recognize and could not understand.

A Little Piece of Humanity

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It wasn't meant to happen like this— the shutter, the feeling of breathlessness when he touched her shoulder, even after he had pointed out all of the things she had done incorrectly throughout the day. They had been married for five years in February, and as…