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I thought it was the cry of a bird. Sleeping on a beach for a year will do that to you. They cry out all the time, especially near dawn. I was cold and thinking slow. I was hung over too, so sue me for not paying attention right away.

“The Confession of the Sorcerer of Darkness”

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A dark and mysterious account of an ancient traveler seeking arcane literature, and the miserable results to him after he receives what he sought.

The Grand Assembly of the RaZahn

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This anachronistic portion of the novel opens up a new and revelatory portion of the story which clarifies much of the mystery surrounding the developments.

The House on El Nino Diablo Court, Part 2

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Inspired by "The Dunwich Horror"" by H.P. Lovecraft, this excerpt concerns the events in the life of a man who is coming to the awareness that his son has followed in his grandfather's steps and begun the process of conjuring a spirit that killed him.

Commander of the Armies of the Four Winds

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"Commander of the Armies of the Four Winds" concerns a nightmare endured by Commander Daniel Bennett of the San Diego Police Department after he is assigned to recover the stolen Necromancer Artifact, which purports to invoke nefarious spirits imprisoned

A Man With Pain Behind His Teeth

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He coughed, tongue worrying the now-bare spot with relentless fascination even as he attended to the other side, extracting one half-inch at a time a metal rosary, the beads popping from his gums like so many baby teeth lost long ago.

They Laugh When You Cry

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The sudden sound of old night tires crunching sand, closer, louder, made her jump. The car’s engine bumped and banged like a wild caged bird, then sputtered out just beyond the kitchen window.

Just Desserts

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Strange things sometimes happen to people who are isolated. They begin to see the world in a different light. The things they have around them become much more precious to them. Anything that happens to those things becomes a much greater injustice in th


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It is she, she the economy of terror, the sexual economy generating libidinal, the being of being economical.

Dinner With The Family

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...the sound of heavy breathing pervaded the living room, and the usual set of commercials was replaced by the grainy, black-and-white image of a man who floundered like a twitching worm across...

A Staple Diet

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Whenever Mommy was gone, Josh Forcett's father made him eat staples, often by the spoonful.

The Second of the Seven Days

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I stopped when I found the first road-kill, a possum, and picked it up by the tail and slung it in the back seat. Further along there was a pigeon, its feathers a squawk of red on the pavement. This too I placed in the back seat. I thought I might ask th

They Laugh When You Cry - II

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Tattoos of viper skulls shone on the men’s faces. Viper neck bones glistened on their cheeks, viper tongues flicked blood in the shape of tears and crying eyes, in the shape of crosses.

The Zombie Dash

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I looked around at the others who would be eaten in my place. Runners around me with so many different body types. Imagine if someone really wanted to feed off their flesh right about now? It almost made me drool. Sports bras left exposed flesh and limb


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A person is entitled to what she thinks and feels. A person can have all the thoughts and feelings she wants.