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If anyone should wonder whether a purveyor of weekly ghost tales on television ("A World Beyond", which I host, was rated number six in fall of '55), might come to feel undone by a case of extradimensional foulness, they shall herein find their answer.

The Temptress

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My mystery woman smiles a hidden smile through her mask, and attempts to seduce me with her eyes. She says not a word, but brings up her hand and beckons me with the classic one finger curl that says, “Come hither.” Her eyes make promises, and she turns:

Empty is the House of Death

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Empty is The House of Death Once there was a world where the dead stayed dead (at least for the most part), and the living remained in that transient state…

Empty is the House of Death

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Empty is The House of Death Once there was a world where the dead stayed dead (at least for the most part), and the living remained in that transient state…

Locust Valley Breakdown

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The specialist had kept what he'd taken out of Sue May. I made an appointment with him and was shown it floating in a jar of clean unguent.

HarmonyX: Post 1

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Every time she tried to wipe the horror images out of her mind they only etched themselves deeper into her consciousness. The slain human blood left a bitter-sweet sickness at the back of her throat.

Simon Says

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Simon never looked ethereal. I’d expect someone who grew up seeing ghosts to dress in black every day. I’d expect him to be gaunt and to chain-smoke foreign cigarettes, Gauloises maybe. The kind wrapped in black paper. Strong. Two puffs and you’ve got thr

White Room Trials

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November 24th-- Subject began to chew the flesh of his forearms. Researchers considered interfering but decided against it because subject was only bleeding slightly.

An Absolute Doll

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“Oh, I shouldn’t complain, I guess, but she did tend to get a leetle bit too caught up in that Hindernet thing, but I suppose that’s something younger people do today. Why, she didn’t even hear me when I would ask her for something! Can you imagine?”


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Her head wriggled towards me and there was a smell. An unusual smell. Not bad. Just unusual. It was hard to concentrate.

When Deer Attack

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Carla woke up from her hospital bed screaming. "Somebody please help me. Please save me. I am begging you."

Drive Through

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“I am interested in trying the veal. I hear after plucking it from its mother’s womb, it is suspended, never touching the ground, to keep it tender. It has never been exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, enhancing its disorientation."

My First Horror Show

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I remember screaming and wanting to run from the living room that time you came home drunk.

Biblos Melas

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While laying in his hospital bed recovering from a minor heart attack, Professor Martin Hellman reads details of an ancient book he has been given for translation--Biblos Melas, or, the "Black Book." Excerpted from the forthcoming novel "Minion Web."

Falling Off The Roof

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"As the thing lurches upright, I can see now that it is an old woman with snake eyes… a dead old woman with snake eyes and peeling flesh. She is putrid and maggoty. She is coming right at us. She is my mother."