When Deer Attack

by Jeannette Murray

Carla woke up from her hospital bed screaming.


"Somebody please help me.  Please save me.  I am begging you."


"Ms. James, I am Dr. Warner and you were admitted into my hospital a few hours ago.  Do you remember how you ended up here?"


"The deer were after me.  They were going to kill me.  They killed all of my friends."


"Ms. James, deer attacked you and killed your friends?  I think that sedative I gave you earlier is having a bad effect on you.  Why would a deer attack you and kill your friends.  I mean come on deer are harmless.  Everybody loved Bambi."


"Well these deer were sure no damn Bambi and they did try to kill me and they killed my two best friends."


"Ms. James, tell me what really happen to you and start from the beginning."


"About a year ago we started noticing more deer coming into our little suburban neighborhood.  At first we would just see a couple here and there and really didn't pay any mind to them.   As the year progressed the deer seem to be multiplying.  Still we didn't pay that much attention to them.  Usually if the deer saw humans they would become scared and run off and pretty much wouldn't bother anybody.  That all change about a month ago."


"What happen a month ago?"


"As I was driving home, I notice a large male deer standing in my backyard.  I thought when it saw me it would run off like the deer had done in the past.  But that was not the case."


"What did the deer do?"


"Instead of running off, the deer just stood there and glare at me, like it was trying to challenge me.  This freaked me out and I ran into my house as quick as I could.  After I was in my house, the deer slowly walked away."


"Did you have any more incidences after that, beside what you said happen tonight?"


 "Sometimes I literally saw smoke come out of the deer's nostrils."


"Ms. James, Maybe you saw smoke come out of the deer's nostrils, because it was cold outside."


"Please, don't mock me."


"I'm not, it just that your story sounds pretty far fetch.  Why don't you tell me what happen tonight?"


"O.K., My two best friends Sandy and Robin came over to my house, so we could go out to the club.  As we got into the car ten deer just came out of nowhere and started chasing us.  We tried to run into the house, but Robin tripped and three male deer started kicking and poking her with their horns.  Sandy and I went back to help Robin, but it was too late, she was already dead."


"Once Sandy and I realize that Robin was dead, we knew we had to get out of there or we would be next.  We decided to get back into the car and drive as far away from the crazy deer as we could.  As I started up the car, Sandy jumped into the passenger's seat.   I hit the gas and we were on our way.  The deer began to chase our car.  Two of them jumped on top of the car.   Another deer kicked the passenger side window and broke it.  Sandy started screaming and crying.  I tried to keep driving but it was impossible with the deer blocking my view.  The deer that broke the passenger window, starting biting Sandy on the face.  As I looked over at Sandy all I could see was blood gushing from her face.  I tried to see if Sandy still had a pulse, but she didn't.  Now both of my best friends were dead.  I jump out of the car and ran as fast as I could.  I just kept running and running and that the last thing I remember until I woke up here."


"Well Ms. James, you sure have a very interesting story, don't you."


"You, don't believe me?"


"No Ms. James, I don't.  This is the most ludicrous story I have ever heard.  Who has ever heard of a sweet little deer attacking somebody?"


"Look Doctor, I know this all sounds crazy, but I am telling the truth."


Carla starts to get really upset and tries to leave the hospital room.


Dr. Warner grabs Carla and tells her she is in no condition to leave the hospital tonight.


This only made Carla more hysterical.  She starts to fight Dr. Warner.


Hearing all the commotion several nurses and orderlies run into Carla's room.


Dr. Warner orders that Carla needs to be restrained.


"You can't do this Doctor.  You can't keep me here against my will."


"Ms. James, I have no choice but to keep you here in the hospital.  I will have a nurse move you into the psyche ward for observation."


"The psyche ward.  No, you can't do this to me.  I am not crazy.  The deer tried to kill me and killed my friends.  You have to believe me."


"I am sorry you will be going to the psyche ward, where we can further evaluate your mental state."


A nurse and an orderly drag Carla out of her room and take her to the psyche ward. 


Carla just kept screaming and crying as they dragged her away.


Dr. Warner shook his head and thought to himself that poor crazy girl really thinks that deer attack her and her friends.


Dr. Warner's shift was finally over at the hospital and he was ready to head home for the night.  As he pulled up into his driveway and got out of his car, he heard a strange noise.


"Who's there?"


Several deer came out of the woods and attack Dr. Warner.  Everything then faded to black.