by Jeannette Murray

What can I say about the Internet
It's one of the best inventions since the TV set
It's a place you can do research and shop
A place where you can sell everything from shoes to stock
You can go to rooms and chat
And meet some nice people or some that seem like they are on crack
The Internet does have some drawbacks
Some sites download like they are in a traffic jam
And lets not forget about receiving spam
Remember to always look out for someone trying to scam
Watch out for someone trying to show you porno
And why when I look at some sites I get 20 pop-ups in a row
And I'm a women I don't need products to a make a penis grow
But where else can I download a movie or a song
Shop on E-bay and Amazon
Pay my bills before they are passed due
Search the web with Google and Yahoo
The Internet is the place to get celebrity gossip and dirt
To meet people online to talk and flirt
And it's the main reason I get through work