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End of the Century

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She’s a blue girl, a girl in blue. In the doldrums and on the dole, or soon to be.

Hunting Season

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A mundane endeavor depicted as a quest. Try it, you'll like it!


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I pasted a sample paragraph of my writing on the website 'Who do you write like?'.

Requiring a Swift and Precise Adjustment

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My imagination creates a house for us, and we seldom venture outdoors, since you don‘t know you live here.

Capitalism in the electronic age

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Then I would say to my new friends, “My God, look at all the weight you’ve lost.” Even when they hadn’t lost any. Even when they were fatter than before.

A Poem for A Fish

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There is a goldfish following me.


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I watched myself tilt my head and coyly smile in the bottom right corner of the chat window-the two off-kilter lamps in the room were casting an asymmetrical shadow over half my face.


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What can I say about the Internet It's one of the best inventions since the TV set It's a place you can do research and shop A place where you can sell everything from shoes to stock You can go to rooms and chat And meet some nice people or some that seem…

Love Story

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I don't know when it was I first stumbled across your blog. I know I definitely must've followed the link on your twitter profile, but how I found you in the first place, I have no idea. But fate works in mysterious ways, I suppose. I remember I then visited your blog every…

The Day the Internet Disappeared

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Myrna woke up with a start and sensed a strange silence in the air. She quickly flipped on an electric switch and when the lights came on she breathed a sigh of relief. Dawn was just breaking so she went back to bed and pulled the comforter over her head.

Haiku For Birthdays

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Lord Savior Google

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Our Lord Savior Google/ answers prayers without prejudice/ and leaves the self-hatred up to you

Storage Access Framework

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At first we thought metadata rich, non-hierarchical, network based, multi-provider filesystems were our future. An arduous journey but well worth the efforts for the beforehand unimaginable user experiences enabled by new technologies that thereupon displaced the…

Real Life

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Just like real life before poundsigns.

Left to our own Dvices

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No one knew why DVices were so hard to find. No one knows for sure anyway.