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Black Widow

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Hair as black as a Raven’s wing. Dark eyes. You wore a black dress, too, my favorite color.

Sociopathic Medicine

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True love may last forever, but the most I've ever gotten out of a lab assistant is two years, five months, three weeks, twelve days, and fifteen hours. And he was the exception.

One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part I

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She heard mortar fire, whose percussive power rose above the tapping typewriter keys. A perspiration of terror broke on Loretta’s brow, under her arms. Then suddenly, the whistling of shells.

One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part II

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The door flew open, hitting the wall, and the woman seated in the corner across from her pressed herself against the bench. Loretta saw that down through her petticoats came a trickle of yellow liquid, which pooled on the floor.

Fates of the Stepdaughter

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The girl started with jell-o shots, followed by hard shots, followed by beer chasers, followed by too much of the brand of whiskey her father liked, followed by blood poisoning.

Three Corpse Brunch: Part One

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From the moment they had decided to come until the present, each seated guest had been parading one faceless male possibility after another through her curious mind. Would he be strong? Handsome? Ugly? Crippled? The possibilities were endless...

In the Forest of the Snake People (Part 1)

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There are no minivans heading north out of Nairobi for the rest of the day. I’m sure the schedule said that there should be at least two more departing from the main stage this afternoon, but the touts told me I was out of luck & shrugged their shoulder

Eight Maids a'Milking

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“… and that concludes my presentation. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.” Meixu Liao smiled and turned her hands out, palms upwards. Americans typically saw this combination of facial expression and body language as conveyin

Forbidden Sights

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I had been crouching in the bushes outside her house for at least two hours when the show started. Some people might call it obsession. Me, I like to call it dedication.

The Unnatural History of Brown's Island

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When a gas line broke, the island was sealed off, and rescue squads sat on the service bridge with their lights flashing.


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What I saw I cannot even describe. No word, in any dictionary of any language, sound, or even a drawing, can truly define what we saw.

The Secret

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Her hair when she bent over flipped across her face and caused a short but alterable period of sight deprivation. The thought that occurred to her during this brief interval centered on the day her mother came home from work and discovered a horror in the kitchen. To this…

Full Moon

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Creatures of the dark don’t follow daylight savings

Web 3.o

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Neptune PC was the best room in town.

Sing Sorrow Sorrow

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Lean closer, she smiles, smell my perfume let yourself be taken to a wild forest where owls grow and trees fly.