Mary Diamond

Location Northern Illinois
Occupation writer, parent, blogger, student
IM (GTalk) marymomentum

About Me

I have been a student, a mother, a wage-slave and a few other things along the way. Currently I'm back in school seeking a masters degree in Communication with an emphasis on Journalism. I'm also raising two young children and trying to find a solution to the terrible secret of space (I think the secret is that there's not enough money to go around).

Why do you write?

I've wanted to write since I was a kid. Night time inspires me, rainstorms and goth/metal music and people who aren't afraid to stand out. Often I write because I feel as if I've bottled up too much, or tossed too many ideas into the "later" pile and I'm playing catch up. Sometimes I really want to tell a story or make a profound statement. Usually I botch it up good, but every now and then... I feel like maybe I'm on to something.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet, I like the bittersweet romance and melancholy atmosphere of his writing. He was a master of measure and rhyme and the tragedy of his life lends itself to the effect of his writing. I also enjoy a lot of the classics -Oscar Wilde (...Dorian Gray), Voltaire (Candide), H.P. Lovecraft, Albert Camus, Alan Watts, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks -and now I've stumbled into my secret obsession with Fantasy. I love fantasy stories, they inspire me the most.

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