October Day Salute

by Mary Diamond

The duty of a student
can be summed up in a sentence;

To benefit the race of man
with thoughtful independence,

To keep the dark of ignorance 
from clouding up our vision,

To stand the watch with vigilance 
and learn from each decision.

We look to you to represent,
Dear president and tutors,

A lifetime worth of study spent 
from inkwells to computers.

A life which does not disregard
the benefit of living,

But credits poets, clowns and bards
the lessons they are giving.

Our courses and our campus 
smack of Liberal Arts forum

But do not for a moment 
lack tradition or decorum.

October day has come again
and those who gather here,

From those who dare to lift a pen
to those who lend an ear,

Are welcome now to be a part
of this inauguration;

Our president, with open heart,
is welcomed to his station.